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  1. Bill Briley

    Tach and speedometer repair experience

    Hummmmmmno results for "Analogdesigner".. I would like one of the "Fuse Protector units".
  2. Bill Briley

    Is This A Short Throw Shifter?

    I have the "Short Throw" installed - Fantastic !
  3. Bill Briley

    Storing my 2006 GT

    Good advice - Thanks
  4. Bill Briley

    Storing my 2006 GT

    What is the procedure for purging the fuel tank ? After four years of sitting - will the fuel still be good?
  5. Bill Briley

    Anyone else out there into boats?

    I only have ah couple of 800's- but my 42' is comfortable @ 90MPH in some heavy Chop .
  6. Bill Briley

    2006 Blue GT For Sale

    I'll ask my Mom....would look great next to my White w/Blue !!
  7. Bill Briley

    What would you have done differently for your first 1000 miles?

    I only PPf(ed) the leading edges way back at Delivery . No regrets 4000 miles of smiles !!
  8. Bill Briley

    Photos of the day we bought our Ford GT's.

    Wow this was a long time ago ! Bought her New,,,,, only paid $10K over List ,,,, never looked back .
  9. Bill Briley

    Service for the '05

    Other than the Oil etc..... Check your Oil Pump belt from under the car - look for cracks - dry rot.
  10. Bill Briley

    Photos of the day we bought our Ford GT's.

    I Still love mine as well !! - Just Off the Trailer from Statin Island Ford. 5/2005
  11. Bill Briley

    Photos of the day we bought our Ford GT's.

    My how time flies.... so many years ......My GT never seems to get old or fails to Thrill ! :rofl
  12. Bill Briley

    Removing the Cats

    SS Ford Racing Headers (No Cats) and stock muffler .......The sound is intoxicating !! Pull into a Cars and Coffee and watch the crowd gravitate toward the GT Symphony .
  13. Bill Briley

    Possible gauge protection solution

    Jay's solution seems to be working for gauge problems. Knocking heavily on wood !
  14. Bill Briley

    WTB: 05-06 Ford GT Any leads would be appreciated guys!

    I believe you are in the "Accident" or" Reconstructed" price range. EBay
  15. Bill Briley

    Sad to see

    Agreed , I never could find a "Ski Rack" to fit mine !
  16. Bill Briley

    Are You the Original Owner for 10 years - The Decade Club

    I'm shooting for 11 - 0744 WT /Blue Stripes. Never kept a car this long. ( Most Women as well.) What's not to love ?
  17. Bill Briley


    Can you still buy the "Racing Headers" from Ford ? I put a set on mine with the stock muffler and the sound is fantastic -everyone knows you are coming but no "Drone" at any speed! My Cats fell off during the install ---- OOOOps.
  18. Bill Briley

    Manually activating fuel pumps

    Sounds Great - Using an SCT tuner ?