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  1. Eric_Elite

    Set of Forgeline center bolt wheels with adaptors for your GT for sale!!!

    Set of Forgeline Galmer Custom Center Lock center bolt wheels with adaptors for sale!!!! $3,000 each , $12,00 for the set of 4!!! Like New!!! 12.5 x 20 Rear 9.5 x 19 Fronts Questions? Call Shelby 870-931-8004 or Eric 870-351-7008
  2. Eric_Elite

    Set of Asanti Wheels for you GT For Sale

    Low Miles like new set of Asanti Wheels these are 3 Piece wheels that come with Black Finished spokes and machined lips (lip clear coated) Tires are NITTO INVO 225/45ZR19 Fronts 315/35ZR20 Rear $3,000 For the set Questions? Call Shelby 870-931-8004 or Eric 870-351-7008
  3. Eric_Elite

    Set of seats for sale.

    Set of seats for sale. Out of a very low mileage vehicle. seats look brand new and show no signs of wear. $7,995 for the set Call Shelby 870-931-8004 or Eric 870-351-7008
  4. Eric_Elite

    Hoosier Tires up for grabs

    Hoosiers FOR SALE!!! $700 Quantity 6 Tires total. All Tires in good shape with no holes or patches and minimal miles. 4 - 245/40/18 2 - 315/30/19 Call Shelby 870-931-8004 or Eric 870-351-7008
  5. Eric_Elite

    3.4 Whipple Supercharger FOR SALE!!!!!

    We have one black and one polished Whipple Supercharger for sale. Buyer choses the finish they want. Comes with programer and belt. $5900 Feel free to message or call me for more information 870-351-7008 (Eric Barnes)
  6. Eric_Elite

    GTX1 Wheels and Tires For Sale!!!!

    Set of GTX1 Wheels and Tires: 3 piece (20inch Rear 19inch Front) Pirelli PZero 355/30ZR20 -Rear 265/35ZR19 -Front Like new with very few miles. These are the latest version of the GTX1 wheels, which corrected previous problems. $9,500
  7. Eric_Elite

    1965 Shelby Cobra FOR SALE!!

    A 1965 Gentry Motor Works Shelby Cobra just landed at Elite Autos. With only 75 miles on it, its in immaculate condition.
  8. Eric_Elite

    Rally VII Photos

    I am partial to these :)
  9. Eric_Elite


    Great mod!!!! If it ever needs any service or tweaking send it our way ;)
  10. Eric_Elite

    Nice tribute

    I just read that the bike is for sale now.
  11. Eric_Elite

    Nice tribute

    The bike was built by Marcus Walz. He is a custom bike builder for Germany, with a shop in Miami his website is If there is a way to buy that pint it would be on that site or they would know how to get it. and I am with Shelby on the wheels.
  12. Eric_Elite

    Nice tribute

    For those that like bikes.
  13. Eric_Elite

    Happy Birthday shelbyelite !!!

    For your birth day I'm giving us all the day off! Enjoy!!!
  14. Eric_Elite

    Inglourious Basterds

    did any of you watch the original movie
  15. Eric_Elite

    Inglourious Basterds

    I cant wait to see it...... i just have to find the time !!!!!!! glad to hear its worth it
  16. Eric_Elite

    New Owner - and you all are in trouble!

    Congrats on the car! :cheersIt is flawless. I am looking forward to the Whipple install in the morning. We will be taking pics throughout the process.:banana
  17. Eric_Elite

    corosion central tunnel and spark covers

    Wow your right. It realy hides the imperfections of the console!.... Nice modification!
  18. Eric_Elite

    corosion central tunnel and spark covers

    If the car is under warranty, Ford will take care of it. I have had experience on both of these parts and Ford replaced them . Or you can have them custom painted. We have done this for several customers. The coil covers tend to do that if the car has been around salt like nearthe coast or up...