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  1. Simon

    Valkyrie...more magic from MultiMatic

    Anyone getting one...........................?
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    Leno mentions THE GT Guy start 21:15

    Leno mentions Rich Brooks as The Ford GT Guy. Start watching at 21:15 minutes
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    Camilo and Jay Leno

  5. Simon

    Servicing Dealer Requirements

    Besides trailer, clean room, and certified tech are there other requirements for maintaining servicing dealer status?
  6. Simon

    Camilo on track

  7. Simon

    OEM GT350R Road Course Alignment without mods

    Has anyone had their GT350R set up for track alignment as recommended in the manual insert WITHOUT camber plates/mods. Thanks Simon
  8. Simon

    Application Videos for New Ford GT

    Application Videos for New Ford GT-Share Yours Mollie and I had fun making these videos (little while ago). Hope y'all enjoy. Goog luck everyone!
  9. Simon

    New McLaren Speedtail(bp23) Shmee are your getting one?
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    Today's Jay Leno Video
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    Does anyone have any experience with the STEK product and how that wrap compares to Xpel and Suntek? Thanks Simon
  12. Simon

    New European Emmisions

    How are the new European Emissions standards affecting the NFGT, if at all? Thanks Simon
  13. Simon

    New Petrolicious film-GT40
  14. Simon

    CF wheels curb rash

    Can curb rash on CF wheels be fixed? Thanks Simon
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    Does anyone have one to sell? Thanks
  16. Simon

    It's not just a smart car.... Oldie but goodie!
  17. Simon

    This Day in History-Feb 1, 2004

    "During the Super Bowl on this day in 2004, the first TV commercial airs for the Ford GT, a new, high-performance “supercar” based on Ford’s GT40 race car, which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance race in France four years in a row starting in 1966. The TV ad for the two-seater Ford GT...
  18. Simon

    NFGT Tires

    I am curious to see what people are using for replacement tires on the new FGT(or GT350-R)? For those who have gone through a set of the Cup 2's, did you all go back to them or get something more durable/streetable for regular non tract use? Is there a tire that is good for both the tract and...
  19. Simon

    What is the weirdest thing you found in your engine bay/belly pan?

    This was one of the most bizarre GT moments I have had to date! I drove to M2K which is about 40 minutes from my house to get the oil and filter change. After the oil change, when they were zipping her up one of the guys looks down in the engine bay and call out to me " Whoa, did you loose...