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    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    Kendall, if not too late, I'm in for a set of front and rear. thx! Ed
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    All Hail the Streetable Race Car

    Eddie That's just too cool!!! Nice. Ed
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    2.7 miles!!! That's heaven!! We did the 1 mile and 1.3 miles at the Mojave Airport. Good speed, and congrats! Ed
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    Watch Your Inbox

    For this allocation, are there 3 types of letter like the last time: 1. the congrats; 2. the waitlist; and 3. the thank you, but no? Unfortunately, I rec'd the #3 letter again... Therefore, if there's a type 2 letter, I'd think, the attrition will to those with the #2 letter.
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    Paybacks are a bitch

    Do NOT ever let your wife see this post, or all you goodwill you supposedly have earned from this "ordeal" will be written-off...., just sayin.... Yes, good man, indeed!!
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    New Ford GT allocation

    ahem..., I heard April 1st....! ;)
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    Happy Birthday skyrex !!

    Happy Birthday, Tom!!
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    The Grand Tour Season 2

    This would be their final season, right? I recall their deal with Amazon was for 3 seasons. Wonder if the ratings warrant an extension.
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    New Heritage in the Wild

    Damn...., my knees are are getting weak looking at this!
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    The 2018 G.T. 350 Tour -- 22 Vintage Shelbys in the Adirondack Mountains

    Great write up and fantastic pictures. Thank you for sharing your experience! Best read of the day for me! Cheers, Ed
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    Los Angeles tech? Electrical issue.

    kendall would be your source in So Cal.
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    Gen 2 Ahlman Engineering Ohlins

    Your advise is appreciated. Does would I know if my existing set of dampers/shocks should be replaced? I don't see any visible leakage, and although I haven't tracked my GT for the last ~3 years, the ride and going around back road corners don't seem to be suffering or deteriorated. When my...
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    NFGT Round 2 Application Question

    Joe, I had same problem yesterday; I was pulling my hair... At the end, I decided that each time I "expand" each section to review or edit, I would re-click Save & Continue, and when I got to the final "submit" step, I expanded each and every one of of the previous section to re-click Save &...
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    Application for New GT's Coming in November???

    Hmm, same here. The last section where applicants would provide additional info for consideration allowed me to delete but not for add/edit.
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    Application for New GT's Coming in November???

    Help on application! One of the questions: "How many vehicles are in your collection?" And, the applicant is to list 3. The question is do I include the Ford GT as one of the cars in the collection, and list the GT as part of the 3 cars info being asked to provide? Seem redundant since at...
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    Application for New GT's Coming in November???

    That is good to know, Dave. Thank you for the clarification! Ed
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    Application for New GT's Coming in November???

    I got an email as well. Except, the letter said Ford is accelerating my process by granting me an allocation on Nov 8th!!! Really.....;) Ok gang, let's sharpen our pencils and turn in a great application for all of us who were not selected last time! Ed
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    Application for New GT's Coming in November???

    Hoping Dave can clarify. If 250 cars for each year, 2018 and 2019, have been allocated, and the 250 for 2020 are for the waitlisted applicants, does this mean that the Nov 8th application process is for the "initially final" 250, plus the newly committed 350 cars? thx Ed
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    Application for New GT's Coming in November???

    Ok, time to sharpen our pencil to start drafting the reason why each of us who didn't get selected/waitlisted NEEDS one of the remaining allocation spots!! Nov 8th..., tic toc tic toc..... Ed
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    2019 heritage

    Agreed! The "marshalls" directing traffic were uninformed and undertrained. As a ticket-buying spectator, I was completely disgusted by the round and round being directed to nowhere. I'm going to have to start "working" the some of my vendors for sponsor-guests tickets with preferred parking...