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  1. Bill Briley

    Code - PO 102

    So after an 8 month lay-up, I put the GT back on the road- Good Thing. After 3 miles I get a CEL -PO 102 . Scanner sez Mass Air Flow -low voltage. So, I un plug the sensor at the intake rubber hose and clean the contacts-replace the plug-clear the code-drive for another 1mile - same code ...
  2. Bill Briley

    Pistol Grip Shifter Handle

    So, I met this manufacturer at a local car show. I asked him to make one of these Billet Grips for my GT. Damn, this really is sweet. Very deep threads so it shortens the though and available in different finishes. The outfit is DW Motorsports @ 610-705-3172
  3. Bill Briley

    Transmission 1-2 Shift Grind

    After 700 miles: - When the GT is first started and cool , the transmission grinds (lightly) into 2nd (low RPM 1500-2000). It will do this only into 2nd out of 1st and only once or twice. After some warm up ( 4 min.) it will not grind. - After a "Good Pull" (To 6000 rpm) and strong boost...