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  1. HJP

    Ford names Raj Nair to steer North America as new CEO's team takes shape

    Well deserved, congratulations Raj!
  2. HJP

    Ford GT Owner VIP Hospitality at the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans

    Congrats Ford!! Wish we could have come!
  3. HJP

    2012 BONY Memorial SEMA Dinner

    If its not too late I would love to join you for dinner. I just made final plans to attend the show. I have been wanting to go for some time. This will be my first. Let me know. And any advice on what else to do or see at the show...
  4. HJP

    Sema auto show

    Is anyone going to the sema auto show?
  5. HJP

    Any new GT apparel out there. Pit crew shirts?

    even though peter and I missed the rally in texas, Dave sent us some GT shirts and a baseball hat. I wear mine all the time. would love another!
  6. HJP

    Happy Birthday to our Moderator Emeritus.

    Oh, I was confused on how that happened. Thanks, great photo of him. His is missed.
  7. HJP

    Happy Birthday to our Moderator Emeritus.

    Remembering BONY Today would have been Daniel's birthday, thinking of him and his family.
  8. HJP

    "Tuxedo" edition X1 by The GT Guy LLC

    Looks awesome guys. Excellent job as usual. Thinking of coming to see you before the season is over.
  9. HJP

    EdSims and the Chicago Auto Show

    Nice pictures. It was great to reconnect with all of you again. Both Howard and I had a great time, good food & fun with friends. Thanks again Frank, Ed, Bill and Grant for making it happen. I ending up taking a cab home about 3:30am, wife was less than pleased as I was near useless the next...
  10. HJP

    Rally IV images

    great pics! i wish i wasn't forced to cancel at the last minute. so.... where's the next rally?
  11. HJP

    Major GTX1 Surgery...

    Wow! i had resigned myself into thinking my X1 would always be a roadster. but.... Wow! it looks incredible! I am definitely going to have to get one! looks like it came as part of the car. now i think my car looks incomplete. great job.
  12. HJP

    Seat bolts...A Warning, PLEASE READ

    Rich, Have you done the replacement on ours already? Thanks for the post.
  13. HJP

    Final number built

    I think any cars under #37 that were not completed by Mark, have been retrieved by the owners and original investors and have been completed or redone by a variety of specialist including the GT Guys.
  14. HJP

    transporting my gtxi

    Does anyone know of any reliable transport companies? i need to ship my car back to Chicago from New Mexico. as soon as possible. I miss her!
  15. HJP

    Rally IV update

    He will be missed indeed. Looking forward to a tribute to him. We'll need a lot of MM.
  16. HJP

    Major GTX1 Surgery...

    Hey Kip, Sounds interesting, looks great. Are you doing it in all CF? You say someone is making progress on a soft top too?
  17. HJP

    The #2 GTX1 TT

    Very Nice! Congrats Tom! :cheers
  18. HJP

    '08 Scottsdale Rally to the Rally

    Tim, This sounds great. Howard and I will be landing at 2:30 pm, planning to unload the GTX1 at Chip's house between 4 -5. We would love to join your potluck BBQ. We have Alex Szilagyi, Ford GT Team Member trailering our car to Scottsdale. He is in route now, I would imagine he has no plans...
  19. HJP

    She's ALIVE!

    Hello Steve, Your X1 sounds interesting. So you will be at the Rally too. I guess that makes a dozen X1's for our little photo shoot. Any others out there we haven't heard from?
  20. HJP

    Hot Buttons Custom Colors?

    What!? Why?