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  1. FlorIdaho Chris

    Enough Said

    Enough said.
  2. FlorIdaho Chris

    Another GT in the Stable

    OK, I admit it, I have a problem. The first step toward recovery it to admit you have a problem. What is the next step? Probably avoid the crack dealers out there (Shelby). Anyway, I picked up Shelby's beautiful 81 mile Quicksilver GT about two weeks ago. (and PLEASE don't tell Manny, I...
  3. FlorIdaho Chris

    WTB Set of Optional BBS Wheels

    I am looking for a set of the factory BBS forged wheels. I am planning to paint them black, so if you have a set of black ones you want to unload, even better! With or without rubber. Thanks.
  4. FlorIdaho Chris

    US Navy Seals 3, Pirates 0

    I love the successful resolution of this crisis. Don't mess with a US flagged ship. Unfortunately the French are not quite as adept...
  5. FlorIdaho Chris

    Camilo/Heffner Red GT

    Well, it is loaded and on the way to Idaho. Dave shot these photos before he left. Thought I'd post 'em up for all to enjoy. . . .
  6. FlorIdaho Chris


    Hey Dave- I don't know what it is called, but I just noticed the site now has one of those little logo thingys that you get that show up next to the URL when you save a website to your favorites. Nice! :thumbsup
  7. FlorIdaho Chris

    Dodge Announces New ACR Version

    I need one of these.
  8. FlorIdaho Chris

    They Call Me Mellow Yellow

    Yeah, I'm sick...real sick... Better pics when it stops raining. Chip- YOU are to blame for this. Driving next to your beautiful GT all the way from Phoenix to Los Angeles. Tim- What's next? Bill (IndyGT)- Thanks for all your help & hospitality.
  9. FlorIdaho Chris

    identy fraud issue-- attention rally participants -- monitor your credit accounts

    Guys- I just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I do not know if it is a coincidence, but right after the rally in SoCal, I was apparently the victim of some kind of identity theft. Some scumbag in Orange County walked into a branch of my bank with my DL# and SS# the day after the rally and...
  10. FlorIdaho Chris

    NW Event in Coeur D'Alene, ID

    OK, anyone in the NW want to join me, Rob Harris, and Jeff*510 at the big annual car show in Coeur D'Alene Idaho on June 15-16? Here's a link to this event: It's probably the biggest car event in the NW in the spring. Come on you guys...
  11. FlorIdaho Chris

    Heffner Pulley/Tune Video

    I had the opportunity to visit Heffner's shop over in Sarasota last Friday. I had already installed his exhaust before arriving. Jason and his guys installed a pulley and tune while I watched. As others have noted before, the car really reacts well to his magic. Here's a video of the...
  12. FlorIdaho Chris

    Slow Loading

    The past couple of weeks or so I have had problems with the site loading slow and hanging at times, particularly with PMs. Just a bit ago I was unable to get a response form the server at all. I don't think the problem is with my connection because I have experienced it in different cities...
  13. FlorIdaho Chris

    Leather Care Question.

    OK guys, what product do you use on your leather and how often do you use it? Do you treat the seats any different than the dash or door panels? Thanks.
  14. FlorIdaho Chris

    New Trailer for Hauling GT w Photos

    Here’s a few shots of my new Trailex trailer. It is very light, made of Aluminum. My criteria for selection is that I wanted to be able to tow it with a medium sized SUV. I did not want to have to buy a pickup. And, of course it had to be able to fit the width of a Ford GT. I chose Trailex...
  15. FlorIdaho Chris

    Heritage w Painted Standard Wheels

    I finally got my painted standard wheels mounted on my Heritage. I'll shoot some photos with better lighting and background at some point, but in the meantime here's a few:
  16. FlorIdaho Chris

    Event Data Recorder

    Does anyone know if our GTs have one of these "big brother" devices? And, if so, how does one go about disabling it? Thanks.
  17. FlorIdaho Chris

    SEMA Dinner Thank You Bony!

    We had a big turnout and as always it was fun to get together with everyone from the forum. We sang Bony a belated happy birthday and generally had a great time. Thanks Bony for putting this together! :cheers
  18. FlorIdaho Chris

    New Bird

    I know we have some pilots on this board. Thought I'd post these shots of my new bird. I took delivery last week. I made a couple low passes after departure from the factory and the Cessna photographer shot these photos. What a ride. Almost as much fun as a GT...almost...
  19. FlorIdaho Chris

    Heritage Delivery Experience w Photos

    I took delivery of my new Heritage today, #1714, one of the last forty US cars made. I picked up the car at a very small dealership in Canton Illinois. Coincidently Canton is about 25 miles from the small farming town that both of my parents grew up in and a number of my present relatives...
  20. FlorIdaho Chris

    Warning to Those Self Installing Ford Transaxle Cooler

    Well, I went to install my Ford Racing transaxle cooler today and found that Ford sent the wrong part in the kit. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to have the car apart and not have the parts to put it back together. The install instructions say to make sure you have all the parts before...