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    Ford of Ireland Centennial

    Happened to hear a radio broadcast about the fact that this year - 4/17/17 - was the Centennial of the opening of the Ford manufacturing plant in Ireland. Event was of significance to the Ford Motor Company, as well as Henry Ford personally; Ireland being home of family origin. There is some...
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    Diecast GTs has a lot of models of all 3 generations of Ford GT. The new one is starting to become more available in a variety of sizes and colors. Their online catalog has almost 100 pages of Ford models, unfortunately not organized by any sub-category. Personal collections or Xmas...
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    2012 Boss 302

    I am quoting an ad that appears, with picture, in the May 25 "Autoweek". 2012 Boss 302 Mustang - Laguna Seca Specs, Borla Exhst, Upgraded suspension & Brks, 1/2 Cage, 3 Sets of Whls,Perfect, 8K Mi, All Orig Parts, Track or Show, $36K Bill (508)778-6769(MA) I have looked at the car, and if I...
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    Help With Car Delivery To Sonoma Prior To Rally IX

    We had so much fun in Sonoma last year that we want to do it again, and then drive to Vegas, and see what Eastern CA is like. Reliable is not cooperating with meeting my delivery requirements without charging a big premium. They can deliver later than I want, but that kind of misses the whole...
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    Napa to Vegas?

    Whenever we are near the west coast, we always make sure we take a side trip to wine country. Planning to do that prior to the Rally. Had so much fun with the GT in Sonoma last year, am thinking of shipping it to CA rather than Vegas, and driving from Napa to Vegas at the end of our wine days...
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    Stratifying Brake Fluid

    Here's one for you. Any thoughts? I'm changing brake fluid; replacing ATE Racing Super Blue with ATE Type 200 Amber. ( By the way, do you know that Racing Blue is no longer manufactured/ But that's another story. ) Should be a straightforward job, right? I am using the Motive Power Bleeder...
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    Screw(ed) In Tire

    Prior to Rally VIII, in prepping the car, I felt that my Goodyears looked a little dicey. Not wanting to be stranded along the PCH, and wanting to go to Bridgestones anyway, I got a set. Rally and a few Fall outings in NJ were fine. Taking the wheels off a few weeks ago to begin annual...
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    GT Emblem Valve Stem Cap

    On the trip to California and back, for Rally VIII, someone decided they needed one of my "GT" emblem valve stem caps more than I did. My rudimentary search skills have failed to produce any sourcing information in my written records or on the Forum. Anyone have any ideas on where to...
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    R/C Ford GT at CVS Pharmacy

    Stumbled across this. ( in MA ) 1:14 scale R/C Ford GT at CVS for $9.99 - on sale for $6.99 It's yellow ( pet2unia; Chip Beck ) Great Xmas gift for kids and grandkids - after you get one for yourself Store had 3 - I took 'em Tried another store, and they never heard of them Just thought...
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    Trophy? What Trophy?

    Took GT to a local Italian-themed car show. Car always draws a crowd and a lot of interest. Received trophy for Best of Day in a tie with green Lambo. Quickly lost interest in said trophy when this nice young lady came along. Needless to say, Joyce not pleased. End of story! ( Sorry, Dr...
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    Refinishing BBS Wheels In Original Coating

    Good news is I finally got some Bridgestones. Bad news is. I suffered some (relatively minor )cosmetic damage to the inside of the rear wheels, including removal of paint where wheel weights were removed, and some minor scratches in random locations. Perhaps it's the cost of doing business...
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    Transportation From Sonoma After Rally VII

    I am currently working with Reliable Carriers to try and finalize my transportation for the Rally. The open issue right now is getting back to NJ from Sonoma at the conclusion of the event. Reliable says the best deal to be had - for both them and GT owners - would be to get multiple cars...
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    GT Sighting In Easton, PA

    I would have expected that all Northeast GTs would be stored in a warm and cozy place for the Winter, away from the salt or whatever else they are using to treat the roads these days. Much to my surprise and joy, I passed by a RED GT that was going South on PA Route 611, around 4:30pm on...
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    Track Insurance Is Available For Rally VII

    Insurance is available through HDPE, at Rally VII is included in their listing of October Events. Simply click on the event, and follow their on-line application process. It is straightforward and simple, and after you make payment, you will receive documentation of...
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    Track Insurance Is Available For Rally VII

    Insurance is available for purchase at Our Rally is included in their October list of events. Click on the event, and then you can go through their on-line application process. It's pretty simple. After you make payment, you will get documentation back via e-mail...
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    On- Track Insurance

    At a previous Rally, we were able to purchase on-track insurance. An on-track incident, even in a " non competition" or "driver education" situation is usually an iffy proposition with conventional insurance. Does anyone know of a source for on-track insurance that could be available for NOLA...
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    Northeast Transportation To NOLA

    There is one spot available on a transporter going on the route of MA to NJ to VA to TN. If you are on that general route and interested in transportation, call Vince at Premier Auto Carriers; 877-667-7364.
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    Available Northeast Transportation to NOLA

    There is one slot available on a transporter going on a route from MA to NJ to VA to TN, and then to NOLA. If you are on that pathway and looking for transportation, call Vince at Premier Auto Carriers, 877-667-7364.
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    Rear Goodyear Take-offs

    Does anyone have a need/use for (2) original Goodyear rear tires? Tread depth is approx 1/8". Tires are unblemished on sidewalls. One may have a slow leak (puncture) courtesy of a horrendous ride back in the rain from Joey's on New York roads. Tires are in central NJ; I can easily take them to...
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    Will Viper Wheels Fit GT?

    A local source is advertising Viper wheels and tires at what seems to be an attractive price. 18" front and 19" rear. Will these fit the GT? Thanks