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    My new Ford

    Perhaps better term for winter: HOT!! Looks like it will be a real blast. Have fun. Car sales are spiking. You have too much time on your hands. Can you fit a plow on it and come down and do my driveway?
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    Cyber Monday Sale - BBS FI-R Wheels

    Would these fit an '06? If not directly, what issues would you have to address/overcome?
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    A little work of art for the car that is a work of art!

    She can put her tutu on my bonnet any day!
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    My new ride

    Way to go Ron! You are really building a stable of exclusives. Enjoy quickly, before winter sets in. You'll have to give me a ride and some sound bytes in the Spring.
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    Harry's Garage drives a 2005

    Never heard the Volvo trip story. The GT was apparently the only good thing to come from the Ford, Jaguar, L-R, Volvo fiasco. Still don't know how they managed to screw that up so badly.
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    Red tie hell! What about the long pants?
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    Ford GT Performance video

    Cool video! Pretty impressive statistics! Great success and PR "halo" for Ford. Maybe they'll do it again for 60th anniversary?
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    Gauge selection

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    Too many motor homes. Not enough pull-over passing areas. Too many inconsiderate drivers. Ed's description of "good" might be a bit optimistic, but there is no other drive like it. Definitely worth the aggravation. If someone can recommend a challenging canyon road, that would be a major plus.
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    Ordered a C8 tonight

    Figured you would be one of the first! Congratulations and good luck. When are they saying you will get it? "Market adjustment"?
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    GT Owners (2nd gen): Would you invest in Mk2 mods (engine upgrade/roof scoop/others) if Ford offered these?

    While you're at it, ask about any possible enhancements for the '21 and '22 models. Those with allocations for those years will be looking at cars that are 5-6 years old, with technology older than that. For the $ they will no doubt be charging by then, some sort of improvements should be...
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    Why Ford APPEARS To Not Ship GT Parts

    Cool!!! Ford "No How" versus "NAPA Know How"???
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    Disable Motion Sensor for NFGT in Transit?

    See post on Towing. "DO NOT put straps through any ( standard or CF ) wheel.) Tangentially related? First Rally I went to, (Vegas) which was first experience with car carrier, left my EZPass on the windshield. Had a hell of a cross-country toll bill when I got back home. Took a long time, but...
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    Brian, will be there in spirit. My only time in WPB is February. Give us lots of pictures!
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    Roketman. Why weren't you in on this? Now I know where the orange mirrors (spectacular accent BTW) come from. Learn something every day. NFGTs get all the attention. How about an '05-'06 question?
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    Loading Towing Addendum

    I think they mean temporary (plastic) seat covers like those that they use at dealer service areas. Instruction is probably meant for tow truck driver. Let me know if you find a tow truck driver who carries and uses seat plastic seat covers.
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    Ford GT Mk. II revealed at Goodwood Festival of Speed

    I guess this will separate the men from the boys! Who's in so far? Think Leno is already in line for number 12? Think any of this technology will make it's way into the later NGTs, like 2022? Congrats to those of you that will get one, and, despite what they say, don't run into one another.
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    Passing of Lee Iacocca

    94! Wow! He certainly led a full life that enriched the lives of literally millions. Incredible man. 94! Wow! Now that really makes me feel old! If you haven't read his book, " Iacocca ", do so.
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    24H LE MANS-- Keating Ford Stripped of Le Mans GTE-Am Win

    Egads! Sorry to see this issue devolve to the political and personal level. Sure, all of us are very disappointed and even angry, but these emotions should be offered in the spirit of commiseration, not confrontation. Racing of all types is conducted under rules for a reason. Violations must...
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    Wow! 225 HP. No wonder they could catch you. Pretty cool ride.