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  1. doug5m5

    Airbag house call.

    Airbag recall. FYI. Ford sent 2 guys to my home to replace my passenger airbag, they were very professional and it took about 1 hr. Thank you FORD!
  2. doug5m5

    Great News Today

    Today my son and I received our Congratulations Letter to purchase the new FGT. This was our 2nd try. I believe our video helped. ( see doug5m5) . Now the memories and fun begins. Thank you Ford ! We can not wait to be driving this baby all over OC Calif.
  3. doug5m5

    My dad and my application for new FGT

    My dad and I are applying for the new FGT. Please view and lend us your support. Thks !
  4. doug5m5

    Huntington Beach Meet Up for Fathers Day ?

    Anybody interested to meet up at the "June 17th: Supercars by the Sea - Father's Day!". ?
  5. doug5m5

    New owner looking for accessories

    I have owned my 06 for about 5 months now, and love it. Now I am looking to add a Heffener X pipe, pulley and tune. I checked with my Ford dealer and he had no idea where to get the parts. I am located in Orange County Calif. Looking for new parts but will accept perfect used if I can not find...
  6. doug5m5

    New member purchase, 06 Black 4 opt

    Thank you forum for all your help and info. I took deliver this past weekend on a mint 06 black car. I had a full clear bra installed as I will be driving around OC Calif. My first drive I was amazed on how well and easy car drove. It took me a couple attempts to find reverse. Look forward to...
  7. doug5m5

    Rock Chips Clear Bra

    Yay, I found a car after 8 months looking!. Question. I am wanting to drive my 06 FGT but worried about rocks. So what areas should I apply a clear bra to?. Also what is the best sounding cat back exhaust?. Thks
  8. doug5m5

    FGT WANTED 05-06

    PRIVATE PARTY LOOKING FOR A FGT. or 714-496-6255
  9. doug5m5

    Wanted 06 Tungsten

    I would like to get a car soon to take to this years rally. Thanks,
  10. doug5m5

    Wanted 06 with less than 10k miles

    Looking for super clean 06. 714-496-6255 private party