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  1. 68Rcodeman

    2020 FORD GT. 1969 HERITAGE EDITION. ALLOCATION. I got the call.

    Very exciting news I received the call from the concierge and received the ordering kit yesterday. Couldn't wait to get home and open the special package. Even our dog participated :) . The model also had an option added to the list. High gloss carbon wheel package. No confirmation on an H.P...
  2. 68Rcodeman

    2020 Ford GT. 1969 Heritage Edition. Allocation.

    Hello and let me start by saying this journey is taking years off my life. Every time I receive an email about this process I get a feeling that comes over me like I have only felt a few times in my life. Well it happened again today when I opened an email stating congratulations that I have...
  3. 68Rcodeman

    Sharing My love of Fords Race history.

    Just out on today's Hot rod magazines Cruising with Kendra. My 68 first fifty Cobra jet is original paint, 321 actual miles and has attracted almost as much attention as the NFGT. This was at MCACN in Chicago. Muscle car and Corvette Nationals. Great indoor show...
  4. 68Rcodeman

    Trailex GT trailer for sale

    2007 Trailex all Aluminum trailer for sale. Same model as Chip Beck’s, see link below of how to modify to accept a NFGT or load any 05-06 GT easily without a spotter. Low profile with long ramps and loads my 2006 GT that is lowered 1.5 inches. Options include Warn 3700 winch, Load range D...
  5. 68Rcodeman

    New GT trailer added for Christmas.

    In hopes of getting a new GT allocation I added a 2018 Trailex loaded with options. six inch raised inside height, larger front doors, tire rack for track setup, winch, drop floor storage, D load range tires all the way around. Found it local less than one year old. So my luck for a new GT...
  6. 68Rcodeman

    My Ford GT Application video.

    Not a professional but shows part of me and my wife's journey over the last thirty years together. We put this together ourselves. Ford has always been a part of my life including providing a good living for me and my family as a technician. Very lucky and blessed and have given it my best shot...
  7. 68Rcodeman

    Day before Rally 12 in Roy Utah.

    Rally 12 was a Great time. As some of you know I came there early to reunite one of my pride and joys of the collection with it's original owner 47 years later. Living in Florida this Rally was perfect timing to take care of a ten year research trying to put the pieces together of history this...
  8. 68Rcodeman

    46 year reunion.

    Ok here's a story that I was doubting would ever happen. In 2007 I found a cool old muscle car in a backyard in West Covina, California. It is where the car began it's life on the showroom floor of Russ Davis Ford. It was January of 1968 and was expected to tear up the drag strips on the west...
  9. 68Rcodeman

    6 Point harness. Wanted contact for Wally.

    Hello, I would like to add the sis point harness for both seats before the Rally. I have searched and call the number to GTparts for the Safecraft link. Every thing I searched said Wally but the number I call answering machine says Bill and no one returns my call. The number called is...
  10. 68Rcodeman

    Wanted. Pair of front BBS wheels

    Hello, Im looking for a pair of front BBS option wheels. They are going to be extras to put some track tires on so small blemish would be fine. Also not sure what the value of these wheels are and not much to choose from for a price comparison. Thanks for any knowledge or input.
  11. 68Rcodeman

    Ford Ambassador- Spokes person??

    This was my interpretation of Ford spokes person on my Application? Maybe not . Anyway maybe next round. See you in Texas. Go to 3:40 to see part of my obsession. 40 yr later Cobra Jet returns. I know 50 states...
  12. 68Rcodeman

    This Guys Garage, 2 Month's to late! Wish I could have added this to my Application.

    Just released today.Pretty much some's up my life long obsession. Would have been nice to add to the application process. Might have helped my chances. Maybe Raj will see it and know how loyal I am to the Blue Oval...
  13. 68Rcodeman

    Sunny FL weather, Had GT out.

    Thought I would post some Sunshine . Had the GT out today. Went and filled the tank with some good fuel. Loading it up for Daytona on Wednesday. Sunny and 55 Degrees. This is what you snow birds will have to deal with. LOL See you there...
  14. 68Rcodeman

    Wanna Go Fast 1/2 mile

    Hello, With the Race coming up and some of you coming down I thought I would post this event I just heard of. Sold Out for drivers but I thought I might drive the GT there on Sunday after the rain on Saturday to spectate. Here's what I found. WannaGOFAST is a company focused on providing one...
  15. 68Rcodeman

    68 1/2 Cobra Jet Mustang, For sale. Last one made..

    My 1968 1/2 Cobra jet, Mustang. Last One Made, San jose plant. Marti report shows. Special purpose vehicle order type. Then went to Ford Motor Company, Salt lake city, Utah. Over $ 1,600 in options . NPD cover car, Legendary Ford magazine 45 yr anniversary featured car for 1968 yr. Very special...
  16. 68Rcodeman

    Trail X trailer on the web.

    Seen this on E Bay and thought someone might need it. I have one and it works great! I have no knowledge of owner just seen it and posting in hopes to help a member. It has a make offer so it might could be a bargain...
  17. 68Rcodeman

    Wanted. used with miles. Heritage or Blue .

    Hello, I sold the GT500KR. Looking to purchase one I can drive. No stories car. Mods OK. Miles OK. Anyone have a friend selling there car please let me know. Cash funds available. Or 352-650-1982...
  18. 68Rcodeman

    Would like to add another GT. Partial trade plus cash.

    Hello, After Carlisle it seems to have put me on a mission the add a car with some miles that I can drive. I have a pile of mods sitting on a shelf and don't have the heart to put them on my original low mile 05. Seems I have more cars that stay in the man cave and don't get driven much. Looking...
  19. 68Rcodeman

    2015 June Carlilse..

    Hello, Trying to plan vacations and have the June Ford show circled. Planning on bringing the GT with and wondered if we were having Club participation ? Getting ready to register and wan't to be in the right group. I did a search first and only found last years post...
  20. 68Rcodeman

    Who owns Tungsten Grey # 741004

    I own a wall mount Tungsten Grey. VIN tag on bottom ID# 741004 . Previous owned by Gordon Wolf 2/07. Maybe re- unite with new owner. Thanks David