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  1. Johntpr

    BJ crazies

  2. Johntpr

    Electrical gremlins

    Odd things like this can sometimes be the fault of the smart junction box.
  3. Johntpr

    2006 Rear deck spring bumper replacement part number?
  4. Johntpr

    RTB: I have an accepted offer and am looking for some PPI love on the West Coast

    Congrats. Just an FYI.....this GT's carfax doesn't show that the airbags were replaced...that will need to be done (both) along with the usual fluid changes. (coolant, clutch fluid, engine oil, brake fluid, trans fluid etc) Tires will need to be replaced if you plan on driving it. The axle...
  5. Johntpr

    Awesome score today! Pics inside...

    How'd you find those? Very cool.
  6. Johntpr

    The clutch and my foot, and the floor mat? And something!

    Hmm. The factory floor mat goes well beyond the clutch pedal? You sure you didn't get stuck between gas pedal and clutch pedal? Make sure your seat is adjusted properly so your pedals are ideal as far as length away. Congrats on your purchase, I know you were looking to buy one for a while...
  7. Johntpr

    OEM Wiper blade replacement

    They are avaiable. is one source or google attached part number.
  8. Johntpr

    2005 Gauge cluster just died

    Check you battery and battery ground bolt.
  9. Johntpr

    Need Struts and Vents
  10. Johntpr

    Watch Your Inbox

    Me too. Rejected. So sad.
  11. Johntpr

    Luggage Compartment Liner
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    If there are forum problems...

    Great job so only issue is figuring out how to edit a post I've made. I don't see an edit icon on my desktop or phone.
  13. Johntpr

    Storing my 2006 GT

    Add : Replace all the coolant. Consider changing all the belts, especially the oil pump belt.
  14. Johntpr

    Difficult decisions! Glad it’s over!

    Congrats !
  15. Johntpr

    K020 gets new chariot

    Just stunning !
  16. Johntpr

    Wanted 2005 2006 Ford GT

    If its the same white Ford GT at Lucas Ford it has been on the market over 2 years.
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    Nice !
  18. Johntpr

    Cena GT for sale again.. 4th times a charm?

    Really sad.