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  1. canibl

    Gulf Heritage scheme livery.... that aren't factory 2019's

    here's a video you might find interesting...
  2. canibl

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    i like the blue pinstriping! Great detail
  3. canibl

    2020 FORD GT. 1969 HERITAGE EDITION. ALLOCATION. I got the call.

    awesome! so exciting! Please keep us posted :)
  4. canibl

    Ricky Bobby vs. Ferrari - the movie

    lol it would be funny if there was a sequel with Ricky Bobby going to F1....and have him race the Monaco GP
  5. canibl

    delivery/production times

    :love: oh please pretty please, i want!
  6. canibl

    GT Owners (2nd gen): Would you invest in Mk2 mods (engine upgrade/roof scoop/others) if Ford offered these?

    the vents above the front diffuser, weight reduction, widebody version?lol
  7. canibl

    New Mustang GT4

    that's a monster of a car, they are so loud and sound so good! Congrats, Volt is awesome.
  8. canibl

    What’s next?

    same dilemma here...maybe it's okay to have a Shelby continuation MkI or MkII while you save up for a real GT40? there's also a few continuation KarKraft MkIV which are really really cool but they don't come up for sale :(
  9. canibl

    Storming Laguna Seca in the new Ford GT Mark II, Billy Johnson Driving

    awesome! thank you for sharing, that is amazing :) it looks race car fast!
  10. canibl

    Monterey Car Week

    time for a spritz! it's great to see the EB 110 out there, they are so rare.
  11. canibl

    Monterey Car Week

    the Saleen S7 LM and the MkIV... omg
  12. canibl

    ....shower curtains....

    yes that's a good idea, the curtains don't necessarily have to be used for a shower....maybe I can simply adapt it and use it as a tablecloth for a picnic table
  13. canibl

    K193 Carbon Series arrives home.

    carbon series AND paint to sample...beautiful, congratulations!
  14. canibl

    Thanks Jason!

    LOVE IT!
  15. canibl

    ....shower curtains....

    so I'm not quite sure how I stumbled on this but here you you can shower with your Ford GT lol
  16. canibl

    Ford GT Arrives

    congratulations Lance, I'm glad you are on the forum with us :)
  17. canibl

    GT Track car build

    wow, you are my hero lol
  18. canibl

    Ford GT Mk. II revealed at Goodwood Festival of Speed

    these 45 GTs are on top of the 1350 projected for the road cars
  19. canibl

    Ford GT Mk. II revealed at Goodwood Festival of Speed

    oops...just 15 a year...yeah I'll pass then lol.