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    Dodge Demon - brand new, awesome blue color

    Great car. Let's chat I love the color. I am in NSB just down the road from you. PM me. Looking forward to talking. Thanks.
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    Ouch! But deserved...

    A couple of thoughts. First, I am glad that Ford is choosing to sue Cena for breaking the contract. Corporations don't like to get into law suits so by taking this action, they are showing that they are very serious about the two year hold. If he needed to raise cash, he merely had to call Ford...
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    2018 Expedition Platinum

    Nice SUV. My only question is there any other engine options on the 2018 other than the Ecoboost V6. I had a limited edition F150 with the Ecoboost and the gas mileage pulling a trailer was 3 to 5 miles a gallon. I traded it last year for a new Escolade with the 400 V8. Now I am doing 12 to 14...
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    1800 mile 2005 GT sold in Greensboro NC for $257,500 + commission

    So I have been watching this thread for the last week. With commission the car sold for $278,000 with 8% commission. That is a good price in this market for the mileage. Enough said.
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    Happy Birthday shelbyelite !!

    Happy Birthday Shelby and best wishes for many more to come.
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    Barrett Jackson 4 sale

    Oops, $225,000 was correct. My apologies, looked it up on the BJ site. That's $247,500 with fees. Seems like a fair buy at that value.
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    Barrett Jackson 4 sale

    The red GT just sold for $255,000. With fees that number goes to $280,500. All the money on the car given the mileage. Red and a marketing car. Watching the auction, the silver car should have brought more but there seemed to be some confusion as it came up to the block. All the hype was put on...
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    Barrett Jackson 4 sale

    The silver car just sold for $272,000. That's $297,200 with fees. Seems a bit low for a 200 mile car. No stripe silver. The auction timing ended up a bit strange as the auction was hyping the Bugatti when the the GT came up on the block. But if you are a fan of Justin Bieber, his accident...
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    Field Trip to GT Central

    Let me preface my comments by stating that this may sound like a paid commercial but it isn't and I am sincere in what I am about to say. So being retired, I am always looking for something fun and unusual to do (some call it old and boring). I have been doing business with Elite Autos and...
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    2006 Heritage GT - 15 miles only.....

    Beautiful Heritage. With current conversion rate the asking price is $497,700 US. That's is the lower end of current asking prices in the US and the car is as new. The only issue selling to the US is that the GT market is very slow right now. Plus shipping costs. I think the price would have to...
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    Never seen this before ??

    Yikes, why do that to a perfectly good GT. Didn't even sound good. Looks like a cheap kit car although I bet they spent good money to create this Frankenstein. Nothing else to say buy "Why?"
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    Fast all electric Vette, only 750K.

    Like it or not, it's the wave of the future. The real threat for our new Ford GT is the mid-engined Corvette which seems like a real possibility. Won't have the pedigree or the exclusivity but if it does materialize, it will have a similar performance envelope. In the future, when technology...
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    Steep decline in FGT Values

    Boy, I've been following this thread for a while now. A few thoughts' first, every collector car goes through cycles, the time to buy is in the low end of the cycle. Second, yes GT prices are flat to down, so what, see my first point. Lastly, there seems to be a lot of confusion around the...
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    Original FGT owners (that still own their car) that did NOT get order

    I too am a member of the rejected list. Bought a 2005 and a 2006 when they first came out. Don't have those any longer but I still own a 2006 with 100 miles on the clock. I have bought and sold at least 10 GTs over the past 10 years but I have always had at least one in the garage to enjoy and...
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    GT Car Cover

    I have an original cover. It is in the original carry bag and the original plastic outer bag. The plastic bag is opened but the cover has never been out of the carrying bag. New, never used. $400 plus shipping takes it. I need to get rid of some things that are just sitting. I bought it back in...
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    Sportscar Market April/June

    I would like to read the article in more detail to try and capture his thoughts more fully. Like the rest of you have said; collectability and value are directly correlated to personal preference and most often "rarity". You can argue that with more than 4000 GTs built, the car is not as rare as...
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    Ok be honest...

    Just had to chime in on this thread. It would be nice if anyone who wanted a new Ford GT could get one but that simply isn't in the cards. I think Ford will be fair in their decision process and if you are interested in getting one, then you will need to apply and hope luck will be on your side...
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    Window Sticker and Certificate

    I was looking thru Ford GT paperwork today from previous cars that I have owned and came across a few interesting items. I have two sets of window stickers and Ford certificates of authenticity for two GTs which I bought new back in 2006/2007. If you own one of these cars, please let me know...
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    A short video interview with some kind words about my wife Ercie and I, and Ariels

    You Sir, are a legend. Loved the interview but enjoyed your words of wisdom more. "Love what what you do and it will never be work." God bless.
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    Has anyone seen this GT

    OMG. Say it isn't so. Thank God it is a kit car. To every car there is a dream. More power to the owner.