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  1. thegtguy

    Airbag recall by GTG

    Ok Forum friends. I have been asked by the “powers at be” to help with the getting as many air bag recalls done on the 2005-6 GT that I can. I have been doing them locally, and in my shop, for a few weeks. While I still have a lot of work at my shop I am looking to help out more, so I am looking...
  2. thegtguy

    Cars & Coffee, Powered by LaFontaine Sept 14 Public · Hosted by M1 Concourse

    Looking to get as many GT's at this event as possible. I have spoken to M1 and they said that they will have a dedicated parking area for our GT's. I have sent out many texts to local owners and thought I would post here in case I missed anybody and to include anyone else that might want to...
  3. thegtguy

    Camilo and his "Sonic Orange"

    Camilo just sent me these from his trip out West.
  4. thegtguy

    Ford Racing long tube headers (2)

    2 sets of Ford Racing long tube header sets. M-9430-GT OFF-ROAD ONLY! NOT STREET LEGAL! The one set on the blanket has about 2000 miles on them and the other set has about 5000 miles on them. No bolts, springs, or gaskets $2000 per set plus shipping Email or 734-658-9498...
  5. thegtguy

    Prepping for clear bra

    We had to remove the belly pans off of a new owners car so the pans can have clear bra installed. Removing the pans from the new car is a lot more involved than removing the pans from the old car (I really can’t believe I called the 05' old :frown:frown ), more time consuming and more about the...
  6. thegtguy


    We have been sitting on some parts for a guy that was hoping to get a wrecked car that we could build for him, but with the price of cars, even the wrecked ones, these days the dream is gone so he wants us to get rid of some of his parts for him. Used set of calipers that were painted...
  7. thegtguy

    2005 Silver/black for sale

    We thought we would offer this one up to the Forum before we put it on Ebay. 2005 Silver/black, 3 option (black calipers), 15700 miles, all stock except for the Stillen clutch, one owner, Engine oil just changed, salvage title, complete repaint of the entire car. $190,000 Original owner...
  8. thegtguy

    Optional wheels for sale

    Selling a set of wheels for one of our customers. These had some light scratches on them so we just painted them semi flat black. Asking $6000 plus shipping from MI. Send me an email if interested
  9. thegtguy

    Stillen clutch group buy

    We have been working with Stillen and AP Racing as we are wanting to see if there would be enough interest in doing a group buy on the Stillen (AP Racing) Stage 1 clutch. This is the clutch that we have been installing and recommending throughout the years as an alternative to the OE. AP...
  10. thegtguy

    Camilo Pardo Signature Edition, Lunar 4

    We were happy to show off our latest Camilo Pardo Signature Edition Ford GT (built by The GT Guy LLC) this weekend at the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA. This one is a little different as it is owned by Rich Brooks (The GT Guy). As many of you know we have been building and commissioning...
  11. thegtguy

    GT Guy Rally work

    Like all of you we are really looking forward to this year’s Rally. We are already scheduling work for before and after the event. Our first to schedule was Steve Ard back in March of 2014. With that being said I need to schedule the time so we can take properly take care of everyone that we...
  12. thegtguy

    Take off Ford Racing headers and muffler for sale

    Both parts are sold to 2 different people. Thanks to all those interested. Just removed this Ford Racing header system from a car that was returned to stock. System has about 7000 miles on it. Like the instructions say Off Road Use Only. $1800 shipped in the lower 48 states. Email...
  13. thegtguy

    2013 Ford GT National Rally Car show!

    The GT Guy LLC is proud to present the 2013 Ford GT National Rally Car show! This event will take place on the grounds of the Fairmont Sonoma Mission Inn on Wednesday September 3rd starting about 9am. We're happy to be able to bring together Ford GT owners and Ford GT team members to...
  14. thegtguy

    "Black Tip 1"

    “Black Tip 1” is the 1st Black Tip Model and the 5th edition of the Camilo Pardo/ The GT Guy LLC Signature Series. This race livery is an evolution of the very first Ford GT 40’s. In 1963 the Ford GT was developed at Ford's Dearborn Design Center, and the prototypes were displayed with black...
  15. thegtguy

    "Satin 7"

    The GT Guy LLC has built the 4th edition in the Camilo Pardo Signature Series of Ford GT’s. The unveiling was performed at Camilo’s annual Designers Night Party at his studio in Detroit last Monday, January 14th. Jason D. Cohen, MD commissioned Camilo to design this car and The GT Guy LLC to...
  16. thegtguy

    2006 Ford GT for sale

    2006 Ford GT, 5200 miles, all stock except for pulley and tune, clean title, repaired by The GT Guy LLC, $160,000 Call or email Rich Brooks (The GT Guy LLC) 734-658-9498 If purchased by a forum member we can deliver it at the Rally in New Orleans.
  17. thegtguy

    Remember the solid Heritage blue car? Color change by The GT Guy LLC

    Prototype PB 1-3 Remember this car. PB 1-3 1FAFP90S05Y400036 Yes this is the Ford prototype car we called PB 1-3. Production Build 1 and it was the 3rd car built in that phase. This car was used for suspension testing, race track durability, NVH, clutch, and pretty much anything...
  18. thegtguy

    2 Whipples for sale

    We have a customer here that we are installing a 4.0L Whipple on. He has a take off Gen 1 (has about 2500 miles on it) and a brand new in the box Gen 2 that he wants us to sell for him. Both are polished and he is FIRM at $6700 on the new, Gen 2 and $5600 on the used, Gen 1 plus shipping...
  19. thegtguy

    Merkury 4, designed by Camilo Pardo and built by The GT Guy LLC

    The GT Guy LLC is pleased to show a sneak peak at the latest project that we have completed in conjunction with Camilo Pardo. The “Merkury 4”. The new base color started out as Mirrachrome “tweaked” to Camilo’s specification. The center stripe is florescent orange with a satin black...
  20. thegtguy

    Visited the National Automotive and Truck Museum

    My wife and I took our kids on a quick camping trip over the weekend to Indiana and while we there we went to the National Automotive and Truck Museum located in Auburn (NATMUS). We walked around for about 15 minutes then I hear “Look Dad a GT” thinking we left that at the shop and what did...