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  1. LMF427

    Grabber Blue VIN L077

    Looks like Medium Pink 1990 for me it is
  2. LMF427

    Ford v. Ferrari .... kinda

  3. LMF427

    Ford v. Ferrari .... kinda

    Lightning with those silver calipers! Or even the whole silver accent pack!
  4. LMF427

    Identification and decryption of a chassis plate

    L for 2020, M for 2021 and N for 2022. The number following the letter is just the VIN number for that year, not built in sequential order and have nothing to do with what number the car is relative to production numbers. McLaren also does a similar numbering system with their press cars. Super...
  5. LMF427

    2020 Carbon Series ..... got the call. Some new options for 2020.

    Interesting, I never would have guessed that as I would have thought the thickness and prep would have been the same or similar to L Blue and L Grey.
  6. LMF427

    Peterson Museum Gala NGT Allocation Auction

    Think I saw $560,000 for the allocation
  7. LMF427

    2020 Carbon Series ..... got the call. Some new options for 2020.

    No liquid red for the paint color or no liquid red for the accent pack?
  8. LMF427

    Got my build date

    That white with silver is hot!
  9. LMF427

    Secondary market.

    The matte black heritage was actually delivered to its owner from Ford ( a royal family member i believe) and is part of their collection.
  10. LMF427

    Secondary market.

    Being flipped for the second time I hear
  11. LMF427

    Delivery scheduled for Tuesday !

    Looks amazing, congrats! IMO liquid Grey with the orange is much nicer than the launch car
  12. LMF427

    You thought you had seen it all? We've only just started...

    My guess, given the statement “You thought you had seen it all.” - and that Le Man was just last weekend and was the wrap up for the program, it’s a race car with no street car attached to it. Customer GT3, privateer, hypercar class (I know Ford said no but I don’t think that counts out MM)...
  13. LMF427

    K147 home...

    Congratulations! Not only is the black/silver combination amazing but those satin wheels are going to be killer on that car! :love:
  14. LMF427

    Good news, bad news.

    My email also states Jan. 2022 to July 2022. 2 years to mull over what color I’m going to pick :oops:. Also, I heard most of 2020 production is destined for Europe, is that true?