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    Dream Ride Car Show near Hartford, CT

    We brought our Heritage up to CT to support this event. Its a very special charity event where cool cars are used to love on some very special people. If you're in the NE and have time to check it out this weekend, please come by!
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    2018 FGT Heritage Edition is so Beautiful..

    We just had to do this.. More pics and details here: We wanted to have a VERY special car that we can use to commemorate the completion of our 10,000th Hennessey vehicle.
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    Got a chance to honor an Army veteran with our Heritage GT
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    COTA Cars & Coffee in Austin June 17

    Anybody going? If any of the Houston crew want to drive up together pls chime in. COTA is exactly 100 miles from our shop in Sealy which is on 10 just west of Houston. We could meet there then make a "quick" run to the track.
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    2018 FGT Heritage in Forza They even got the sunlight and shadows right! Always glad to help our friends at Turn 10 Studios!
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    Finally got my first drive in the new Ford GT Heritage

    OK, so we take delivery a while back. Decided to not drive the GT until it had a full body Xpel clear bra protection including windshield, carbon door sills and exposed carbon under the doors and car. After waiting 4 weeks to make sure that the factory paint was ready for this process, Houston...
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    J026 Pics & Delivery Video

    All 81 pics and delivery video are here:
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    2018 Geneva International Motor Show

    Just found this image. We are here in Geneva and on our way to the PalExp convention center for a pre-show inspection. Will confirm if we see the GT on the Ford stand.
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    THE EAGLE Has Landed in Texas

    I am happy to share that our 2018 Ford GT Heritage Edition was delivered this weekend. Our family feels very honored to have been selected to own one of these very special cars. To be able to acquire one of the very exclusive 2018 Heritage cars that commemorate the 1967 LeMans win makes this...
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    Got the NFGT owner kit today

    I want to open it right now but my sons want to do it with me. So we will do it together later today. Will post some pics and maybe a video when we do it. Thanks again to the Ford Performance team.
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    Got the call

    From the Ford GT Concierge regarding placing my order. They were very thorough and helpful. Good job Ford and so far so good!
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    Drove the new 2017 Raptor

    Got a chance to drive the new Raptor. Overall, its very impressive and exceeded my already high expectations. Power, performance, 10-speed transmission and overall on-road driving were all excellent. Only got to put about 10 miles on it and just took it off-road a tiny bit. But got a pretty...
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    Ford Performance Racing School Review

    About a month ago I was able to go to the Ford Racing School outside of Salt Lake City. Brought my 17 year old son with me and did a 2 day program. First day was in GT350's and second day in race prepped Boss 302 Laguna Seca Mustangs. I've been to a few driving schools before including...
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    GT350R Live FB video chassis dyno test today at 2 pm Texas time

    I got the recent opportunity to pick up a new GT350R. Solid white with no stripes. Love the car in every way and plan on keeping it and doing some occasional track events. I've just driven it back and forth to work over the last week or so and have around 400 miles on it. Its bone stock and...
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    Dyno Testing Stock C7 Corvette Stingray at Hennessey Got our first 2014 Chevy C7 Corvette Stingray in the shop a few days ago. Performing baseline chassis dyno testing on this car which is equipped with Z51 and 3LT packages. This car has an automatic transmission and is running on 93 octane. It has 22...
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    458 Twin Turbo 0-150 mph Video
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    MarkH Camo FGT 267.6 mph Texas Mile World Record Video I just have to say that I am very proud to know MarkH. We go back a long way all the way to Gen1 Viper days. And I can tell you that when he sets a goal, he sets it high, and he achieves it. Mark, on behalf of everyone at Hennessey Performance...
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    Venom GT @ USGP in Austin this Weekend

    Come by and say hi if you are in Austin. We will be showing one of our Venom GTs at the Four Seasons at 6 pm on Saturday evening.
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    2013 Hennessey VR1200 Twin Turbo Coupe We will also be offering this package for the Cadillac CTS-V sedan and sport wagon.
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    Coming to Cars & Coffee Saturday, July 7 in Irvine, CA

    Come by and say hi if you are in the area.