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  1. MAD IN NC

    Hagerty has jumped the shark.

    when ya going to be able to write policies for NC?
  2. MAD IN NC

    Hagerty has jumped the shark.

    EP, Sounds like policy is made for ya... since ya don't drive
  3. MAD IN NC

    Mclaren is intent on claiming the GT as there new model.

    I’ll have one of their GT’s. (Gin and Tonics🍸)
  4. MAD IN NC

    A unique starting problem?

    Subscribed (y)
  5. MAD IN NC

    Coolant Change

    You can also bleed the system once you think it is full, lift the hood, look in upper left of grille, you’ll see a peacock. Put hose on Petcock, hose has to be higher than resoviuor bottles, open radiator bottle and any air trapped at top of radiator will bleed out.... I took grille off...
  6. MAD IN NC

    RIP Tiger 6

    Good guy. Met him on way to Rally 1, when he drove his Maranello due to a “bump” at VIR w FGT. Actually Steve and Tommy and Sue were first other FGT owners I’ve ever met and we hooked up in Va. on the way to R1...Good times, good dinners. RIP Steve
  7. MAD IN NC

    Eddie FourFather Hill’s 2006 Ford GT Heritage For Sale

    You should buy it to park and wash, like ya do with all other cars EP
  8. MAD IN NC

    clamshell vents

    The ones I had made by Pe2unia are original style. Who made those, just curious? Or maybe look different as I had mine painted the strip color....
  9. MAD IN NC

    2020 Corvette thoughts?

    need to see one and get in one before making my final decision....
  10. MAD IN NC

    Source for TRUNK lid gas struts?

    So, what’s the verdict? Did anybody find clamshell struts?
  11. MAD IN NC

    Rolling Thunder

    I’ve four friends on that run..... and agree Pete. “Noise vs nothing”
  12. MAD IN NC

    Minimum Garage Ceiling Height for a lift

    In the earlier pic I posted of my setup, wit FGT on bottom, at a lock position the measurement from top to ramp to ground is 50” leaving balance for 2nd car...... ....or in your case Max of 55” wo safety space to beam
  13. MAD IN NC

    Minimum Garage Ceiling Height for a lift

    For lifts there are a variety. I have Bendpack as they have a “wide” version so easy on- making the FGT easy to get on, off or under. No worries about mirror lost. Go to where there is literally hundreds of thread, tip, review on lifts... While I don’t have a side lifter...
  14. MAD IN NC

    Minimum Garage Ceiling Height for a lift

    the bean is at 10' 3" in my garage.. had to get garage door lifted up to the ceiling and within the space of the beam, but yes.... a FGT AND Mustang will fit
  15. MAD IN NC

    Coolant Drain

    The plugs were not removed before. Just kept pressure on the plugs till they eventually let loose. When out probably 1 gal + additional came out. The grate is over the fans inn the hood (2), each one is separate over each fan held in with 6 T-27 Didn't check on the bleeder for the...
  16. MAD IN NC

    Leaving the trunk and clamshell open

    franimal, the license plate stand off kit can be found at:
  17. MAD IN NC

    Car blower/dryer

    I use a Stihl Magnum 600. 200+ MPH. Just washed car and took ~5 min to dry w no spots or streaks on a black FGT.
  18. MAD IN NC

    Leaving the trunk and clamshell open

    Question: still stock exhaust? That 6x8 has to block the heat.... also Cooltech has a license plate stand off kit or fab your own... it helps
  19. MAD IN NC

    Technical / Detail Photos

    Frank is right... you can do it by feel.... getting it out is easy, replacing takes patience...
  20. MAD IN NC

    Coolant Drain

    I just completed my flush.... I took out the plugs using a Allen/Socket and ratchet.... The radiator bleeder is in upper corner of grate drivers side. Book says remove grate which is a PIA but AZ Rich said work a screwdriver in there and ya can open valve... after ya put tubing on the petcock.