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    Wanted: BBS rear wheel

    ^^ about sums it up. Looking for excellent+ condition Please PM me if you have one. Thanks.

    Breakfast in Aspen

    Spotted by a friend of mine.. looks great.

    18 degrees to cold to drive FGT?... nah

    Our first Cars & Coffee was a frosty one with plenty of snow still on the ground. That understood, if I start it, I drive it.

    My new Italian girlfriend: Maserati GTC-S

    I've been looking for a convertible for awhile. I wanted four seat capability, so my shopping list consisted of a Turbo S Cab (kinda/sorta four seats), M6 Vert, and (just off my radar was a) Maserati GT. I was flirting hard with a couple dealers on 997 TTS Cabs but just couldn't quite pull the...

    Bendpak RJ-45 Bridge Jacks - thanks Santa.

    I've had my Bendpak HD-9XW four post lift for awhile now, but hadn't installed any bridge jack or jacking tray setup to allow me to get the wheels off my car/truck while on the lift. I was swapping winter wheels/tires recently on my wife's car - one at a time - using my trusty floor jack and...

    Accufab Air Inlet Support - New in box - $110 shipped

    Bought this from Accufab - cancelled that order because Cooltech had same item and was already shipping me some other items. Both items arrived, so...I have two and need one. Paid $129+$12 shipping and $119+$10 shipping respectively. Still in box. $110 shipped - anywhere in contiguous U.S...

    Yellow check engine light on - running rough. Ideas?

    'Bout sums it up. Stumbled a couple times driving yesterday, then light came on. Would run ok for a bit, then stumble again. Turned off engine, then re-started. Light stayed on (unlike my BMW's that seem to self clear). I know it could be a number of things, but your experience...

    Ying/Yang - Ford GT and UGR TT Gallardo

    My buddy Eric brought his Underground Racing SL over for a visit. She's a beauty. Thought you guys would like to see it. Stage 3 - 1250whp on C16 and about 1000whp on pump. Needless to say, and on pump gas, much faster than my car on a roll. (even when I jumped - LOL) When he's done being...

    The GT Guys and Torrie coming to Minneapolis

    A number of us Minneapolis area locals are coordinating with the GT Guys and Torrie to come out the first week in May to do some work on our respective cars. Location – Probably at my place @ Automotorplex in Chanhassen. Date –TBD, but figure May 2-4’ish. Our local ‘MN Cars & Coffee’ event is...
  10. HIRISC

    Speedhut gauges for our FGT's Sorry no pics, I'm on an iPad. From the site: Ford GT dash We are proud to announce indash OEM factory gauge replacements for the Ford GT! These exciting new gauges will be direct plug-n-play to the Ford wiring harness and require no additional sensors or...
  11. HIRISC

    Delivery of my new Ford GT

    As some of you may have read on another thread, I was looking for some maintenance to-do's/advice on my recently purchased 2005 FGT (red). She was delivered last night. Also in contention for my latest garage spot were the 997TTS (amazing performance, not very special looking), ZR1 (very...
  12. HIRISC

    Hello + Advice on maintenance/to-do's appreciated

    Hi all, After way too long trying to decide between a Gallardo, R8v10, Scuderia, ZR1, and FGT, the (now obvious) answer became clear (supported by a high five from my wonderful wife)... I'm buying a gal ('05) from one of the board sponsors and would like some advice on maintenance/other items...