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  1. Johntpr

    New GT painting

    Got an e-mail on this, thought I'd share.
  2. Johntpr

    New GT40 MK 1 Road Car model

    Saw this in Sports Car Market in case anyone is interested in model collecting If you search "Ford GT" or "Ford GT40" on many other GT models are shown
  3. Johntpr

    NJ Cars and Caffe event today at Garden State Plaza

    Awesome turnout today. Enjoyed speaking with several forum members !
  4. Johntpr

    GT Ford Racing Long Tube Headers and Muffler - used for 450 miles

    GT Ford Racing Exhaust and Ford Racing Long Tube Headers For sale - used for 450 miles Professionally polished headers. Muffler very clean. Ford Racing Long tube Headers (same as Borla Part # 17253 which retails for $3,960) Headers comes...
  5. Johntpr

    NOS - muffler seems like Good deal on ebay Not mine. Just in case anyone looking
  6. Johntpr

    Ebay 2005 GT - check out garage Wow..looks like owner has 3 GT's.
  7. Johntpr

    Wrecked Heritage on E bay Ouch ! Poor car!
  8. Johntpr

    GT Ford Racing Exhaust and Ford Racing Headers For sale - used for 450 miles

    For Sale - Ford Racing Long tube Headers (same as Borla Part # 17253 which retails for $3,960) Headers comes with new mounting bolts to bolt to heads, all needed springs and some extra springs, and two new Muffler to header...
  9. Johntpr

    GT art print Got an e...
  10. Johntpr

    Fuel door rubber bumpers

    Lost one of my fuel door rubber bumpers. The complete cap assembly, part # 5G7Z-63405A26-AA comes with new bumpers, but all I need is a rubber bumper. Anyone ever find a Ford part # or generic substitution for them?
  11. Johntpr

    Sports Car Market Magazine June 2017 - GT value and sell recommendation

    I think this author is way off base in his assessment.
  12. Johntpr

    Left / Driver's side Tail light Issue - comes on dimly by itself

    2006 GT Left / Driver's tail light will dimly come on by itself when car is off. You can use remote, lock car, and all lights will go off. Slowly,the left rear tail light will glow and come on dimly and stay on dimly. No other lights will be on. Not on battery tender when this is happening...
  13. Johntpr

    CP-1 prototype on Dupont registry
  14. Johntpr

    WTB : Cool Tech Lifting pucks Anyone have a set or even one of these to sell? Used is fine. They are sold out, and not able to be bought at this time.
  15. Johntpr

    Paging Kendall / Nota4re

    Trying to reach you regarding a Cool-Tech order. Not sure if you are having e mail/phone or PM issues. Thanks John
  16. Johntpr

    Designer Camilo Pardo Is Selling His Custom, 2005 Ford GT - news article
  17. Johntpr

    New Member - 2006 GT Red - Looking forward to the owner experience !

    I have been lurking for a while, and after an exhaustive search, I finally pulled the trigger, and bought an original owner red 2006 GT, 4 option car. I have learned a lot from this forum, and look forward to being part of the GT community. I am also an avid Mopar musclecar collector. I know...
  18. Johntpr

    RM Sotherby Amelia Island Auction results 2 GTs Strong money !