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  1. soroush

    My new ride

    very cool and congrats Ron!
  2. soroush

    Brought tears to my eyes,

    just a car Gary and its a lot easier to replace than a part of your body. glad you are ok ... sh*t happens.
  3. soroush

    Superformance cars used in Ford v Ferrari movie

    interesting we just saw the movie and there are a lot of cobras in the movie there is even a daytona with 18" wheels :)
  4. soroush

    My new 'Bird.

    very cool...
  5. soroush

    US Marshalls classic car seizure. Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am will hit the auction block!

    Aloha, specracer is correct,, that particular car was actually sold to roger rodas but every video online shows it to be in pauls collection or both of their collection... i dont really know the nature of their relationship. I was so mad at the selling dealer who broke his word and reneged on...
  6. soroush

    US Marshalls classic car seizure. Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am will hit the auction block!

    great story..and congrats... this reminds me of when I had bought or thought I had bought (verbal agreement over the phone with an agreed price to buy the car) one of 9 ever made 1993 saleen SA-10s just to find out the seller decided to back out last minute because he had another buyer for the...
  7. soroush

    US Marshalls classic car seizure. Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am will hit the auction block!

    69 copo camaro sold for 130ish? that was a deal...
  8. soroush

    Clutch & Flywheel Replacement

    I do not have part numbers but you will do well to listen to nota4re. he has been around for a long time and has done many clutches for our members... if you are doing it yourself you could just contact stillen or just do a search here Im sure it would be easy to find.. I have not had to change...
  9. soroush

    A unique starting problem?

    of course you can splice them together to a single cable just make sure its a heavier gauge cable,, your picture also shows both cables (if there are in fact two) spliced together and both being crimped on by one lug its just a professionally crimped lug that ends in two loops... you can try...
  10. soroush

    Owner Review: Ford GT vs. F430 (Long, with Photos)

    pista is very cool.. our own drV8 got one a little while ago and I had a chance to go see it.. and yes come back we need your commentaries.
  11. soroush

    2020 FORD GT. 1969 HERITAGE EDITION. ALLOCATION. I got the call.

    congrats! exciting news for sure....
  12. soroush

    A Piece of Le Mans - Thanks Sparco!

    now thats way cool!
  13. soroush

    New Owner 2006 GT

    congrats you bought possibly the best car ever made :)
  14. soroush

    Marble wrap floors

  15. soroush

    Marble wrap floors

    looks nice.. let us know how it holds up over time and ease of cleaning. there is someone on the 93 cobra forum did his whole warehouse garage in a similar fashion. its pretty sharp.
  16. soroush

    Fire Extinguisher

    very cool indeed! thanks for sharing. I will be ordering a few as well.
  17. soroush

    Lowering Perches

    been driving on the perches since my car was nearly new and made multiple passes at over 200mph on them. In my experience they perform more than adequately
  18. soroush

    2006 Ford GT for sale by original owner

    good luck with the sale. someone is about to get an amazing deal.
  19. soroush

    gt40 lego movie

  20. soroush

    NFGT Battery Charger question

    perfect for 99% of the cars out there if they ever wakeup at all.. however, sleep is overrated