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  1. KJD

    The 2005/2006 Ford GT Takata Airbag Recall Program

    I'm as fussy as anyone here about the condition of my car, originality, blah blah blah. Both airbags were replaced perfectly at the house, no muss no fuss. Ford could not have done any better, perfect service, no reason to not get this done.
  2. KJD


    WOW!!! Very very impressive, Congratulations to the whole team!!!
  3. KJD

    Anyone here buying a C8?

    Interested in GM mid-ship design and bargain V-8 performance. But let's see what the ass end looks like. I can tolerate square tail lights. But if the C8 rear is as big and hulking as the current version, ummm, NO.
  4. KJD

    Boss 429 showed up in my neighborhood

    Beautiful, thanks for posting. Sure don't see many out and about.
  5. KJD

    My fathers passing and MultiMatic

    Very best to you and your family as you mourn his passing and celebrate his life.
  6. KJD

    Jay Leno’s Garage private tour

    Great story and the custom bench is a wonderful gesture! So very much different from my experience years ago, haha. I'm doing some work at Jet Propulsion Lab and this gearhead there tells me he knows a guy who knows a guy who can get us in Jay's garage. Skeptical but unable to resist the...
  7. KJD

    Taking a look at a potential car to buy prior to PPI

    I'm hardly an expert but for me looking at FGTs isn't really much different than examining most other cars. The FGT is really a very straightforward uncomplicated "supercar" and the PPI list you cited is a really good source. Take your time, lots of good cars out there for sale with more for...
  8. KJD


    Sometimes maintenance is required, sometimes the overhaul is needed. Thanks much for keeping us going here!!!
  9. KJD

    Happy Birthday DBK !!

    Best Birthday Wishes!! As always, many thanks for making this place great!! Kirk
  10. KJD

    Not exactly what everybody else has been posting lately, but...

    Dakota GT, that is a great F truck, thanks for posting. Much fun to drive those we choose to, it really makes the ownership experience much fuller. But isn't it great to have both a show truck and a go truck? Floridaho Chris, what a great addition to your amazing stable. I've seen your posts...
  11. KJD

    Happy Birthday thegtguy !!

    Best Birthday Wishes Rich! You really are the FGT savant!!
  12. KJD

    Takata airbag recall

    Tech came to my house, great service, and very much appreciated.
  13. KJD

    Help - How can I find some used parts?

    To each his own, of course, including the OP. I'm surprised that anyone wants the subwoofer between the seats enough to search for one. Should be plenty of them around somewhere. Goes to show all FGT parts should be saved, likely one day the OEM mufflers will be in demand.
  14. KJD

    Air bag canisters replaced today

    I finally got around to having my passenger side air bag replaced. Had delayed quite some time thinking I might not do it. Local dealer sent their very best tech out to the house and he was outstanding. He had done some work on other cars for me so I knew he was more than capable. However...
  15. KJD

    Raj Nair appointed Multimatic President & Chief Operating Officer

    You can't keep a good man down! Great news for Raj, Multimatic and the FGT community! A win, win, win!!!
  16. KJD

    Jogging in DC, and a Bullitt stopped me

    Nope. It's there.
  17. KJD

    Any Midnight Blue, QuickSilver or Black cars available?

    Typical auction quandary and not my favorite purchase venue either. Don't totally despair however, many VERY expensive and exclusive cars are sold this way. In this specific case, recommend you contact Mecum directly, specifically Ben Mecum, who has been very helpful in similar situations.
  18. KJD

    Passenger side Air Bag Recall available

    Dealer and tech contacted me today, parts have arrived. Will schedule install when I'm back in town.