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    Can you spot the difference?

    I assume you are talking about the right hand drive appearance but that’s just a reverse effect the camera the recorded it is giving when played back. You can see it’s left hand drive when you see the video of it from the outside going around the track...
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    Ford GTs so far

    Yes, that is Tom Abrams car. He ordered it in Heritage blue with the orange interior. The orange stripes and roundels are decals.
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    Prepping for clear bra

    I think the altitude levels in Utah had the new GTs running rich. When Ron Clines car got back here from the Utah rally his clear bra around the exhaust outlets was also melted and he did not put his car on the track at all. Just took it on a couple of the drives. Luckily it pulled right off...
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    GT 00014 due tomorrow!

    Looks great!!! Nice combo... So what dealer did you pick for delivery? Lol
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    Why are dealers such a rip off

    Not at all :)
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    Why are dealers such a rip off

    Nope, just get tired of seeing people put all dealers in a group. There are bad apples in every profession. Car business is no different than any other retail business as far as the amount of bad ones, but a car being a huge financial decision for most, is just more memorable. Further, people...
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    Why are dealers such a rip off

    Not true. I pay more for cars with the “right” mods all the time. Do you get your money back on mods? Typically no. But nice mods will add a little value to the right car. Most people that have problems with dealers have themselves to blame. Go in with a chip on your shoulder, wanting...
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    Do any of these GTs ever sell?

    I’ve sold numerous GTS in the last 60 days well within prices you see others advertised for. Price range of the GTs I’ve sold in last 60 days ranges from $270k on the low end and $450k on the high end.
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    John Cenas Ford GT

    Pretty sure his car is and has been for sale for a while now down in Naples. Exact same option car with same mileage for sale in Naples. Be an awfully weird coincidence being another tungsten no stripe with identical options and mileage and being in Naples which has a lot of celebrity locals....
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    Let's Light This Candle!!!

    Ready to see this rig
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    Love this. Congrats on being the first!!! Also love to hear that you did run and run with the car with no issues it seems.
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    VIN 00098 Scheduled for Delivery on Tuesday.

    Wow, car looks amazing. Congrats
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    New member purchase, 06 Black 4 opt

    Great looking ride! Congrats!
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    .....So Cal Delivery

    Saddest post I have read in some time. RIP and so thankful you got to take delivery before you passed away... :( Prayers for you and your family.
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    Gt under water

    There is a car on the lift, and it's a GT also....
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    Stormcat Shines

    Stormy is a good dude
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    Whipple 4L performance question

    All depends what boost level you are running on your whipple as Kendall and others have said. We run a modest boost level on the 4 ltr and have had exceptionally good luck without a BaP. I do agree though at the higher boost levels, a BaP is likely a necessity.
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    Whipple 4L performance question

    Our customer Ron Cline with the green GT has had a 4 ltr whipple we installed many years ago when his car had around 10k miles on it. The car now has close to 60,000 miles. No boost a pump and he's never had a single issue with his car or the whipple ever.
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    Number 84

    I wouldn't and didn't drive mine till it was covered. If you do put anything more than a couple miles, you can bank on getting some rock chip in the air scoops on the doors.
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    Aftermarket wheels on the NFGT Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk