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    Accufab Mustang 6.19 @ 235 MPH Accufab Mustang in Las Vegas last weekend. 52 psi boost John
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    Accufab garage sale

    Well, it's about time to clean out the shop once again. I have the following GT parts for sale 1. 1 set brand new Ford GT 6 spoke wheels, no center caps $1900 2. 1 set brand new Goodyear 235-45-18 stock front tires $600 3. 1 brand new rear Goodyear 315-40-19 stock rear tire $500 4. 1 used BBS...
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    Just released...

    You may be interested in our new "Mono blade" throttle body. Bigger is not always better but if you are overdriving your blower or using one of the larger aftermarket blowers, this may be just the ticket for you. The new Mono Blade TB flows about 23% more air than our dual 75mm TB, and was...
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    Accufab X-Pipe

    Fall is in the air and we are having a "Fall X-Pipe Sale". $100 off our racer-net price brings it down to $1399.99. On the shelf and ready to go out the door and bolt on your GT. Give your GT the robust sound this car deserves (without the headaches associated with loud mufllers). And if you...
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    Accufab GT X-Pipe for sale

    This X-Pipe is brand new, never used or installed, but when it was returned from the polisher, we noticed that it had a small dent. Unless you looked for it you might not even see it, but we will sell it for less moola for someone that is interested. Regular price is $1499.99, this one goes...
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    Accufab car runs 6.35 @221 mph video

    Watch this. 4.6 Ford twin turbo 45 pounds of boost. This is what I do with the rest of my time. Thanks, John Mihovetz
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    Engine running hot?

    Some of our customers have experienced the GT engines running hot. This is most prevelent when they are running the car hard, such as in a road racing environment. This problem is related to the engine not getting efficient coolant circulation. We have had several cars on the chassis dyno and...
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    GT Axel Bolt Kits Now In Stock

    Finally we have the GT rear axel bolt kits in stock. They come complete with new washers (harder and thicker than stock), Inner bolts and outer bolts. All bolts are special design made for us by ARP and all have been drilled for lock wires if you choose to use them. This should certainly resolve...
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    Accufab GT X-Pipes

    Just a note to tell you that we have about 10 sets in stock now, ready to ship. Give us a call at (909) 930-1751.
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    Used Ford GT shortblock for sale

    I have a used Ford GT shortblock for sale 4000 miles $5400 obo Also I have 2 sets of stock Ford GT cams for sale $350 obo In addition, we now have several of our X-pipe exhaust systems in stock. Thanks John Mihovetz Accufab Inc
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    Calif. Speedway Accufab GT Roundup info

    ACCUFAB FORD GT CORRAL & BRACKET RACE LOCATION: California Speedway, 9300 Cherry Ave., Fontana, CA 92335 Track phone (909) 429-5000. DIRECTIONS: Located approximately 45 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, off of Interstate 10, 1 ¼-North on Cherry Ave, in the city of Fontana, CA. DATES &...
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    GT Roundup in So Cal coming up soon

    The Accufab GT Roundup is coming up soon, just a reminder to gas up and make plans to attend. This show & drag will be in conjunction with the Fun Ford Weekend event to be held October 21-22 at California Speedway in Fontana, CA. If you are in the So Cal (or Northern California, Vegas or...
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    How much for insurance?

    Just wondering how much you guys are paying and with which insurance companies. We have alot of vehicles here at Accufab (trucks, Mustangs, trailers, other cars, etc.) and even our multi vehicle policy, and with no claims, my insurance company is telling me that insurance for me on a new GT...
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    Accufab GT Magnetic Drain Plugs

    Nobody wants any metal particles floating around in their oil. The new Accufab Ford GT Magnetic Drain Plugs are cad plated forgings that feature an extended magnetic tip, increasing the surface area (picks up more paperclips that way). These trick pieces also feature pre-formed O-rings for a...
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    GT Round-up at California Speedway

    Just a reminder that Accufab will be hosting a "GT Round-up" at California Speedway (the NASCAR and Indy track facility) at Fontana on October 21-22. This will be in conjunction with the Fun Ford Weekend event. All of the GT participants will be pitted in a special "GT Corral" in the pit area...
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    Some people are never satisfied

    Such is the situation with Greg (californiacuda). With Greg, he feels that if he doesn't need to wear a pressurized flight suit, he figures it's not going fast enough. Anyway, we thought that you might like to see a couple of photos of Greg's "work in progress" over here at Accufab. As the...
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    Who wants an almost new Borla system?

    One of our customer's (californiacuda actually) wants to get rid of his almost new Borla FRPP muffler system. He won't need it with his dual turbos. We estimate only about 800 miles on the unit, and the tips have just been re-done. It will come with all the bolts, hardware and new gaskets...
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    Anybody up for a little fun?

    Mark your calendars. October 21 and 22 (Saturday and Sunday) The FUN FORD WEEKEND Drag Race and Car Show series is coming to town, to California Speedway in Fontana, CA. The FFW series is a 12 event national coast to coast series sponsored in part by FoMoCo. The event is called the "4th...
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    New Accufab GT X-Pipe

    I guess it was only a matter of time. Accufab has released a new exhaust system for the GT's. It is a direct replacement for the standard GT box-type muffler (or FRPP unit) and tail-pipe tips. The Accufab GT X-Pipe is a polished stainless steel piece and retains the OEM catalytic converters...
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    Accufab throttle body and inlet support

    I'm getting alot of folks asking what the Accufab TB and Inlet Support look like, so I'm going to get Jenniffer to put some photos up. Bare with me please.