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  1. L, 100% right, 50% of the time

    Hi Paul. Like others, I followed your site regularly in the fall of 05. Finally bought in December 05 with confidence with the help of your website info. Glad you turned out to be wrong 50% of the time!
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    Happy Birthday 1418 !!!

    Happy Birthday Manny! Let's celebrate at Homestead or Sebring. Hope to see you guys at Exotic Car Toy Rally this weekend. -Lew
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    Happy Birthday SuperB !!!

    Happy Birthday Brian. Hope to see you at toy rally! -Lew
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    A little help for a fellow GT owner.

    Done. Looking forward to seeing results in the December issue!
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    S. Florida GT's - Tower Shops Part 2

    Tower Shoppes Stormcat, I'll plan to attend as well. Keep us posted. -Lew
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    RIP Alex. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your loved ones. -Lew

    RIP Alex. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your loved ones. -Lew
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    The NEW GT Key! All in one Key and Remote fob.

    Thanks for the update Andrew. Looking forward to the new key! -Lew
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    The NEW GT Key! All in one Key and Remote fob.

    Paypal for the GT Key just sent to The pictures look awesome! -Lew
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    Rally IV News - Who's Coming?

    Dave, Count me in for 1, possibly 2 if I can convince the wife or more likely one of my high school sons (its educational, right?). -Lew
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    Sill Plates Installed , Photos !!

    Stormcat's project321 sill plates I saw the blue one's on Brian's tungsten car yesterday at the Toy Rally, and they look incredible in person. I know what the missus can get me for the holidays... Outstanding workmanship! And great getting a chance to hang out with Brian and a few other...
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    Feelin good about the site? Please read...

    Thanks for the great work! Paypal sent. -Lew
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    Audi R8 - anybody own or drive one?

    I just received this link with info on the Audi R8 V12 TDI CONCEPT. Let's hope concept becomes reality. This would be a good use of precious garage space...
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    Posting Picture Of The Member Pin!!

    Really sharp Joey. pm sent.
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    Florida GTs: GP St. Pete, Heffner Dyno Day, April 4-6, 2008, *pics post 240*

    Please add me to the list! Probably two tickets. -Lew
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    S. FL Go Cart day !!

    Brian, That looks like a blast. How bruised/sore do you get doing this (assuming no crashing)? Do you bring your own helmet? I might be able to stop by. -Lew
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    Ford GT team in the American LeMans series

    added picture
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    Ford GT team in the American LeMans series

    It was a beautiful track day at Sebring, even for a novice. Great seeing Manny with his Exige -- what a small world! I was running with a pulley/tune, Heffner exhaust and stock tires, and had an absolute blast. The Robertson race team was friendly and enthusiastic, and having met them will...
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    Finally..lurking no more!

    Congratulations Stewart, and welcome to another South Florida GT owner!:party I'm in Broward and service my '05 Red/White with Sawgrass Ford in Sunrise. They seem to know the GT well. 23 months and I'm still smiling every time I look/start/drive her:biggrin -Lew
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    Last week for GT Forum gift

    Jason, I just sent a paypal contribution. Thanks for helping pull this together. -Lew
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    Heffner Pulley/Tune Video

    New Pulley / Tune Well, the South FLorida get together at the Tower Shoppes motivated me to get a new pulley and tune (Gordon, thanks for bringing that box of new toys). I had a 2.8" installed and tuned yesterday, and the best car on the road is now even better. I agree with you Chris, you...