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    looking for BBS optional wheels
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    2006 black no stripe auction on Bring a Trailer

    Solid black is fantastic! Great looking GT.
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    Monterey for sale

    I watched these two cars this evening. Both were no reserve. 2006 Black stripe delete 1100 miles Sold $286k all in, Gooding Co. 2006 Blue with stripes and BBS wheels, 60 miles Sold at $379,500 All in, RM
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    thought i would share..... still love the gt...

    Collection Perfection. Congrats!
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    2006 GTX-1 built for Tom Piana for sale

    Just sold today at $401k including fees at Barrett Jackson Palm Beach
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    Future potential owner here some questions about a Ford GT I want to buy....

    When I purchased mine in 2013 it was the nicest example for what I was willing to pay at the time, the car had 30k when purchased and it was about 50-60k lower than sub 10k mile cars that were for sale. I wanted a car to drive and enjoy, now with almost 40k all i've done is regular services and...
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    2005-2006 Pre Purchase Inspection Needed? Who can I talk with ?

    That's great to know a GT expert resides in Golden. Hope to have a summer place there soon and plan on taking my GT with me!
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    Looking to buy a high mileage GT

    Hey I bought that car! :) From Bruce in Venice, right? Now has 36k and running strong!
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    Mecum GT sale

    Manheim in FL "dealer only auction" sold today a 06 red with stripes, bbs wheels, 4k mile car for 251k.
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    New owner - my story

    Huge congrats and Great intro!
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    PPI for a Carrera GT in the Houston area

    I'd put my trust in a certified CGT tech at a Porsche dealership. Rennlist forum - CGT section would be a great place to find one in your area. All the best, CGT is one amazing car! I regretfully sold one 2 years ago, While I really liked everything about it especially the noise it makes! my...
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    New GT Owner

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. Yes, B West and any other locals im looking forward to meeting you guys. Are any going to the drive/meet on New Years Day in Tustin? I'll be there!
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    New GT Owner

    Hi all, I recentley purchased the 2006 GT from Bruce aka Woboose here on the forum. It's a 2006 Tungsten with stripes now residing in Irvine, CA. I'm just loving the car. As many of you know Bruce broke it in very well with almost 32k miles at the time of my purchase, He's such a great guy and I...