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    WTB - Nonworking headlights for 2005-2006 FGT.

    And let’s not forget registration, a costly hassle.
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    KW HLS Adjustable Suspension

    Had them dealer installed for quite a few years and no issues til now. Using the lift now and then, ride quality is good. Street driving (Germany) only, just a few laps at Le Mans, but those weren’t hard racing. By coincindence I have been told a few weeks ago that it might not be available for...
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    Thanks to all of you that sent get well wishes…

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Take your time, the cars will wait for you.
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    New Velgen wheels

    Not to forget added unsprung weight.
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    European Cars are quite different!

    Thanks to David for providing all that knowledge and typing all the characters, it was a very interesting read.
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    Lego plans to release a modern Ford GT technic set

    Already received two of em. Unfortunately little time and daughter still too young. Better have than need though 😸
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    Ford GT goes 310mph

    Seems like I always miss events …
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    Are headlights hard to get?

    It even makes sense to stay to oem if you just want to swap a single light. Different looking headlights would ruin the look of such a signature car. @roketman thanks for that info
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    Are headlights hard to get?

    As much as I like to have something cooler/better It would be wise to stay to oem spec otherwise no problems with inspection/registration.
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    California Digital Plate

    Does it offer lewd messaging to guys behind you ? Other than that I fully agree with @Ed Sims. To be honest I did not get what the advantage for the average driver is. I wonder what happens when that thing is running out of energy (for whatever reason). Another phantastic reason to be searched ?
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    The new old

    Very nice, congratulations !
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    Ford GT LM

    The exhaust tips look very interesting with this blade design. Is this just good looking or is there any functional meaning?
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    Is that a kit car?

    Don‘t tell me you didn‘t ?
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    17 -1/2 Years

    Awesome mileage.
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    Blue means Go

    @PeteK Why do you think ? The FGT has RWD, the Lucid AWD, also probably no gear change necessary because of the gobs of torque. And i don‘t think they would advertise numbers in the wrong ballpark, because that backfires a lot. Tesla Numbers are not far away and there are plenty of people...
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    Monterey Auto Week - The Quail

    @Ed Sims Cool photos. What did you think about the Polestar seeing it in real ?
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    2005 Left front headlight

    What a bummer, that sucks big time.
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    Sticker shock

    Had the same experience here in Europe/Germany. Thought it would be a freight/conversation rate rippoff. Even the tech master couldn‘t recommend buying that.
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    Blue means Go

    Less than 2 seconds from 0 to 60mph ... Lucid Air Sapphire I guess there is little room for improvement left.
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    MKII engine upgrade question

    Not very likely for warranty reasons.