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    How are you heading home if your transmission is shot?
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    That’s some commitment Jeff.
  3. 07XL0027

    2024 - Ford 24 Hours of Le Mans Hospitality

    I’ll be back for a fourth time. Everything is booked. When the GT race program ended in 2019 I thought well that part of my life is over. Super pumped to see my GT and GTD buddies back in Le Mans.
  4. 07XL0027

    Porsche sues Singer

    I met the Singer guys in Scottsdale at Otto Car Club and at car week. Awesome people and incredible cars. Definitely a bucket list car I’d love to own.
  5. 07XL0027

    My new again 65

    She’s a beauty. My first car was a ‘65 Mustang coup
  6. 07XL0027

    Clip from recent Shmee video on the NFGT

    He does have a blue cow stuffed animal and a hoodie.
  7. 07XL0027

    Ford Returning to F1

    I did velocity with FGT899 the weekend after Rally 13. It was a really good time.
  8. 07XL0027

    GTD National Rally #1

    Wonder if they will have optional carbon stripes?
  9. 07XL0027

    Not sure
  10. 07XL0027

    Bald Eagle it is.
  11. 07XL0027

    With the start of the new Forum I think I’m going to go with a much easier screen name to remember. I see someone already beat me to DBK so now I’m leaning towards Ed Sims, Kenneth Clay or Shesgotlegs. I should probably put it to a vote. Special K has a nice ring to it too.
  12. 07XL0027

    I’m going to order tires now from Rocketman’s guy and wait for the car.
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    GTD National Rally #1

    Regarding Chip’s super secret comment, none of us had any idea who was invited. Chip asked me to arrange dinner because I know Vegas better than he does. We guessed 20 guests and managed to bump into 9 other people at our hotel the first night. So if you didn’t get an invite, it’s not because...
  14. 07XL0027

    GTD National Rally #1

    I saw Craig Jackson and I told him I was excited to see Lil Red and the Green Hornet at the Shelby facility in Vegas. Craig informed me they were replicas and both were in Scottsdale with him. Boooooo !! I feel so used. I saw Tim Allen there as well so I walked up and introduced myself. Super...
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    GTD National Rally #1

    A couple of booty pics and the nose
  16. 07XL0027

    The Bronco Thread

    This is the one I ordered from Kevin Koshkarian at Pat Milliken Ford. Wildtrack in Azure Gray with all the options. He received it in a smidge under two months. Don’t know how that happened but I’m glad it did.
  17. 07XL0027

    Wtb Shift ball

    I prefer the “Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark” - 3rd degree burns from the shift knob when I hop in into a Texas car after it sits in the 110 degree parking lot while I eat lunch.
  18. 07XL0027

    New Ford Issues straining my life long loyalty

    Loaded Wildtrack, hardtop with lux package etc.