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  1. Mark06GT

    Replacement tire problems

    And just as a double check...these are the correct tires?
  2. Mark06GT

    Replacement tire problems

    @GT@50 I don't buy it. About all I could imagine happening would be an ABS light if tire stagger front to rear was too large. There's no traction control so the engine would keep running fine. The computer doesn't know what gear you're in so a fault related to RPM vs MPH wouldn't be possible. If...
  3. Mark06GT

    Replacement tire problems

    I don't know, but the engine wouldn't have been very hot. I had only driven a few gentle miles before experiencing it. The first time I tried it, I was probably in 3rd gear when I hit 70 (merging onto an on ramp). The second time I tried it, I was gently passing on a highway, probably in 5th...
  4. Mark06GT

    Replacement tire problems

    In May 2022, my Ford dealer told me I needed to replace my tires in order to meet inspection. Since the original tires aren't around anymore, they suggested Eagle F1's as a replacement. These have a smaller sidewall than the original tires, but they thought they would work. After they put on...
  5. Mark06GT

    Northeast drivers to Rally V?

    Bill, I'm heading down around 3:30 on Tuesday. If you're anywhere near the PA/DE border around then, we can try to hook up.
  6. Mark06GT

    Northeast drivers to Rally V?

    I'm driving to Rally V from Southeast PA. Is anybody from the Northeast area interested in heading down as a group?
  7. Mark06GT

    Midnight Run

    My ambulance crew responded to a PA Turnpike mass casualty incident last week involving a high speed rollover. There was very little left of the car; the occupants and contents of the car were spread out over hundreds of feet. Most of the passengers were children. One of the passengers was...
  8. Mark06GT

    FGT Rally V - Registration!

    Just signed my son and I up. Very nice sign-up web site DBK. It's nice to have all that info in one spot.
  9. Mark06GT

    Very cool parking system
  10. Mark06GT

    Rally 5 Hotel - The Umstead

  11. Mark06GT

    changing exhaust - difficulty level DIY ??

    You'll have a little more wiggle room if you loosen the bolts that hold up the transaxle. You can support it from underneath, but letting it drop a little gave us just enough room to thread in the new pipes.
  12. Mark06GT

    Goodyear has forsaken us

    I've got 13k on the front and had about 11k on the rear before replacing them. Clearly I'm not driving her hard enough.
  13. Mark06GT


    Outstanding. :thumbsup
  14. Mark06GT

    AR-15 prices

    We put the Eotech that far forward because there's a possibility that we might put a magnifier between it and the stock. The primary reason I got the holographic sight is because my older son has trouble closing his left eye and I was told that you could shoot with both eyes open using the...
  15. Mark06GT

    AR-15 prices

    My dad and I took the plunge today and each bought one. Thanks for the advice.
  16. Mark06GT

    SNL Weekend Getaway
  17. Mark06GT

    Rally 5 - V.I.R - Who's coming?

    I just noticed Cyclenirvana is #3 and #58 on the list. Are you bringing two cars this time?
  18. Mark06GT

    Rally 5 - V.I.R - Who's coming?

    Add me to the list please.
  19. Mark06GT

    AR-15 prices

    Thanks to all for your advice and help. As long as I'm still in the research phase of this project. Does anybody have any thoughts on the AR-10?
  20. Mark06GT

    Countdown to GT Driving ?

    Too damn long.