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    Roar Before

    17 year old Luca Mars was driving the GT4 for KOHR racing. Unbelievable first race win coming for the last car in the field to win. He won the second race as well! One hell of a teen age driver for Dean Martin.
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    Met Camilo Pardo today

    Camilo is the man and fun to be around at car shows/racing events.....
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    Congrats to Luca Mars

    And Dean Martin as KOHR racing! Look forward to talking to him at Daytona. Great Win.
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    2024 Rolex 24 at Daytona

    Great dissertation Doug and I agree with all your comments! It really is an experience. However Le Mans is even better if you get a chance. Daytona is a great tune up for Europe. Jeff, I posted in another post I would take $100 each for the two 4-day passes. Lots of good stuff to see in the...
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    2024 Daytona Rolex Tickets

    I have two 4-day general admission tickets to the upcoming Jan 25-28 Rolex 24 hour race. Paid $130 each for the passes, and would take $100 each for the 4-day GA passes. These allow entrance into the infield and garage area. Have printed them out and can arrange to give the tickets to you at the...
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    2024 Rolex 24 at Daytona

    Jeff, I will be attending the event as well. Have two 4-day tickets to the Rolex if interested. Am posting ticket availability elsewhere on this forum. I suggest wandering the infield and certainly the pits to see the get-ready for the cars starting the race at 1:40 pm on Saturday.
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    2024 - Ford 24 Hours of Le Mans Hospitality

    Dave, Jen and I are in. We'll keep Frank occupied.....
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    Wife and I leave Tuesday for the Rolex race. Try to make the get together.
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    Car Cover

    I have a Covercraft Dustop car cover from my old 2006 I would be willing to sell for $200 plus postage. Tan color but does not have the Ford logo on the front. It just says "FRONT". It does have two quarter size holes aligned with the exhaust pipes as I once started the engine w/o fully removing...
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    GT Spec Oil Filter vs FL500

    GT Power, that is a very good video comparing the OE GT filter to the commercial FL500 filter. The weight comparisons were interesting as were the comparative documentation of the other filter parts. I would certainly stay with the Ford recommended heavy duty type filter for our GT application...
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    Black Paint Code

    Andy states the code correctly, "UA".
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    Why will Ford stop making the NGT?

    And those lucky enough to have one of these prized autos, don't want to see the herd diluted with more vehicles. Sorry.
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    Thanks, Dave! And Chip!

    Extrap, believe I told you early on that you would get your dream of getting a ride in a NGT. Glad you got multiple rides and that Doug gave you some hot laps in his Heritage on the track. It's pretty easy to predict getting your wish knowing the attending owners of these rallies. I along with...
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    Drain Gas Tank

    Miked, understand the relative cost delta between pump 91 octane premium in Norcal and the VP product and the low annual mileage on the GT. But understand the 3.5L engine in our car does have knock sensors which when they register internal detonation will quickly pull spark advance until the...
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    Velocity Invitational 2021

    07XL0027 You are correct. You probably do not want to see a 2+ response.... And I was there for that first rally. It too was a fabulous event put on and coordinated by DBK with a little Denby thrown in for good luck.;)
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    Drain Gas Tank

    Hope you are able to offload the bad fuel from your car. I would definitely talk to Rich Brooks and solicit his input. And WHY (???) in the world are you paying the extra dollars to run VP 101 octane fuel?? The car will run just fine on 91 octane fuel (by required EPA calibration). So throwing...
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    An FGT Review With Some Things Not to do

    Roket, notttt really. Depends on your perspective. I certainly prefer Drew who knows how to insure our cars.
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    I was here a long time ago...

    Rich (GTGUY) is definitely a very knowledgeable person with regard to GT's and fixing story cars. And you should certainly take Floridaho Chris up on his invitation. Best of luck.
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    Velocity Invitational 2021

    Nice! and I would not dare to have you turn up the volume past 2... There it is!!! 🍿
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    Velocity Invitational 2021

    What a lame response from the GT "manager". Thanks for posting Jeff. Wonder what "unique insurance/bailment policy" Sam Walton had to acquire to deliver his GT40 to the Apex track event? What a stupid response. Dave, where is my popcorn?