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  1. THamonGT

    Brake master cylinder 2005 GT

    No problems GT Forum members, all it takes is a Texas Doctor who races and workers on his own cars to come up with the fix for all! Great Guy and a true Car Guy who loves his 2005 Ford GT I sold him many years ago! He told me “I think I can change the guts out and fix within an hour” ! Enjoy the...
  2. THamonGT

    2024 Le Mans

    Congratulations To Multimatic On An Excellent Showing At The Big One! Moving Forward WILL be Fun To Follow!
  3. THamonGT

    The New Mustang GTD

    if you go to my Youtube account “Tomy’s-My Girl”, you’ll see quite of videos of my enjoyment sharing my 2017 Ford GT with the youth of Texas! The grins and excitement were worth the 6 1/2 years of ownership and sharing her with all! I’ll find the right deserving New owner for her, not in any hurry!
  4. THamonGT

    The New Mustang GTD

    I personally hope the New GTD Mustang Allocations go to Applicants who will drive, show and share their New Mustang with others who were not able to own one and not put in store age and collections. Hopefully Ford will do a better job of qualifying these deserving owners and not owners who will...
  5. THamonGT

    Master Cylinder for an 05 Ford GT!

    I have Dr. Friend who needs A Master Cylinder for his 05 Ford GT! Anyone have any suggestions as they’re not available through Ford! Any help would be greatly appreciated! This car was one of the first black cars in Houston, Texas that I found for him as a demonstrator at a Ford Dealership! Thanks!
  6. THamonGT

    Good Time To Sell A 2017 Ford GT And Share The Experience!

    Ford GT Forum Members should go to YouTube account “MY GIRL, TOMY HAMON” to see the 7 Videos I have posted of my years of fun and enjoyment while owning MY GIRL and sharing her with others! Enjoy the videos but remember, I’m not a professional movie maker! 😳😵‍💫
  7. THamonGT

    Good Time To Sell A 2017 Ford GT And Share The Experience!

    Additional Pictures Of The First 100 2017 Ford GT’s As Displayed On The Multimatic Entry Wall. Each Row Has 20 Cars And #H045 Is Three Rows Down And 5 GT’s From The Left With Blue Calipers, White Exterior/Blue Stripes, Light Speed (Blue) Interior And Blue Calipers, American Racing Livery, One Of...
  8. THamonGT

    Good Time To Sell A 2017 Ford GT And Share The Experience!

    Looks Like A Good Day To Sell My Beautiful 2017 Ford GT - #H045. Early Build Just After The Excutive GT‘s Were Finished. I took delivery on July 24, 2017. Everything was sorted out before the last warranty work was done. Today it has 4,871.4 miles and is in excellent condition. NOT A GARAGE...
  9. THamonGT

    New GT Owner -- Second Time Around!

    Welcome Back to the Forum! Enjoyed your Post, keep ‘em coming! In This day and time we are all living one day at a time!
  10. THamonGT

    Your Never Too Old To Enjoy A 2017 Ford GT!

    This week I had a Great Surprise Visit from a Gentleman who taught me Science in the 9th grade. We moved to Texas City in 1957 at mid-tern of the 9th grade. Bill Harper was one of my Fathers first customer at the new Dealership! He drove a 1955 Red T-Bird and was single and had every kid in...
  11. THamonGT

    Oceans and Autos Georgia Aquarium

    Very Nice Display!
  12. THamonGT

    Thanks to all of you that sent get well wishes…

    Here’s hoping your recovery is progressing well and you’re back behind the wheel soon! On my Prayer List! 🙏
  13. THamonGT

    The New Mustang GTD

    Beautiful! Congratulations to those who received the Special Poker chips! !
  14. THamonGT

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Dream Rides Track Day At MSR South Of Houston today Benefiting Houston’s Underserved Youth! I Always Love to Share my Girl With The Youth Even In 99-100 degree temperature! I found a shady spot! Even the FrankMobile made it around the track!
  15. THamonGT

    2019 or 2020 FGT?

    Purchasing A New Late Model Ford GT With No Miles on It and stored is going to have Guaranteed problems ahead! My 2017 H045 Early Built as completely gone over before it ran out of warranty and totally updated in every early problem area and now has 4,800 miles and rides and drives perfectly...
  16. THamonGT

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Just Been there ! On my way To Keels & Wheels! Plug counted against me in Concours Judging! Sucks! Couldn’t get a new tire until Monday! Still won Best In Class!
  17. THamonGT

    Step Up To A True Concours Show With Your New Ford GT And See How She Does!

    After 6 Yrs The New Ford GT Still Shows Well In The Super Car Class against 2017 Dodge Vipers, 2018 Lamborghini Diablo, 2020 McLaren Senna, 2020 Ford GT. Here is a Concours scoring sheet which most people have never seen! Judge never understand that the screens do not protect from some dust...
  18. THamonGT

    FS: 2005 Ford GT red w/ white stripes 4-option 351 miles

    Congratulations on the sale, someone got a nice Ford GT!
  19. THamonGT

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Just For My Boat Friends!
  20. THamonGT

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Since Ben could only be with us on Sunday, I did a cutout that was lifelike so people could have their picture taken with Ben and his famous Ford GT. Ben flew in from out of state and was with us all day Sunday visiting, in a very informal way with his Race Fans! The Corvette people were...