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  1. Biginch Blake

    Ding removal (roof)

    Try getting a piece of dry ice on a hot sunny day and rubbing it over the area. Make sure you have heavy gloves on so the ice won’t burn/freeze your hands. Works good to cause the metal to contract quickly and may get it up again.
  2. Biginch Blake

    Looking to trade 52 mile white no stripe for a saleen S7.

    One in Florida just showed up on BAT. Here is your chance, 1,100 car. Good luck.
  3. Biginch Blake

    RIP Parnelli Jones

    One of the greats, from dirt tracks to road racing to desert racing. He was a champion of them all.
  4. Biginch Blake

    Something wicked this way comes: MK IV build thread

    Very nice, please don’t stop with the photos and updates for us on the outside looking in track junkies 🤪😁
  5. Biginch Blake


    Got the same email Gary.
  6. Biginch Blake

    5 Year Anniversary

    Donna looking good, you not so much. How years is that in people years 😁. They are such amazing cats and fun to drive. I wish Steve would chime in and update us on what he is up to, great guy. Happy birthday to Silver Built.
  7. Biginch Blake

    Mark IV

    Absolutely beautiful car. It’s doing 100 mph in the garage. Have one question, does it have headlights? Couldn’t tell if it had removable panels of the lights. Very cool and I know you will enjoy it.
  8. Biginch Blake

    2 post lifts--advice

    How do you plan to get the wheels off??? Looks like a fancy storage rack.
  9. Biginch Blake

    Something wicked this way comes: MK IV build thread

    Congratulations, what an amazing car. Best thing is I know you will take it out and enjoy it. Hope to see it on a track.
  10. Biginch Blake

    Standard wheels

    Sold for $6,500
  11. Biginch Blake

    Standard wheels

    Set of standard wheels for 05 - 06 for sale on BAT today if any is looking.
  12. Biginch Blake

    Recommended Dehumidifier

    I did the same as Rocket Man when I built my new garage. Before that I had a “Golden Rod” gun safe dehumidifier rod in each car. Did an excellent job but only did the cab.
  13. Biginch Blake

    Rear body tail panel on BaT

    Sold for $11,000
  14. Biginch Blake

    Ken Block

    Very nice and a piece of his driving history. Have you ever driven it or will you ever drive it, just curious?
  15. Biginch Blake


    Very impressive, great turnout and beautiful setting. Nicely done. Cars are the center piece to be admired.
  16. Biginch Blake

    New Ford Issues straining my life long loyalty

    I was fortunate, I ordered an F-350 HO Power Stroke dually Lariat in November and got it the first of April. Has all the whistles and bells. Got Stone Gray, more of a brown, love the color. Hope Ford can keep/get their act together. I’m a very happy customer.
  17. Biginch Blake

    New Guy here.... Car cover and or Car Capsule

    I don’t cover my cars in the garage. As far as the disposable plastic cover they would be great inside but got a couple for race cars and tried them at Daytona to keep dew off cars, the moisture from the concrete came up and it was like it was raining inside the cover.
  18. Biginch Blake

    What have you learned about your NGT today??

    Yep, mine did it a couple years ago. Way better than the old way when you get some where and it just doesn’t work anymore. Battery isn’t one the local quick stop caries so could be bad. I never use my spare but replaced it too.
  19. Biginch Blake

    Liquid Victory

    Congratulations Dave, very nice. And great post name, all of us Forum members that were blessed with a NFGT got a Victory. Can’t wait to see it in person.