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    Oil pressure gauge fluctuation - Yes, another one

    FWIW…..In my 15 yrs of ownership I haven’t been sidelined like this in locating such a basic replacement part. Sadly, things will only get worse for the 05/06s. Fortunately the driving experience makes it all worthwhile 😉
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    Oil pressure gauge fluctuation - Yes, another one

    Thanks HP… I discovered that today also.
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    Oil pressure gauge fluctuation - Yes, another one

    Bump….. can anyone tell me if the eng oil press sender is single or double terminal. My car is not close so I can’t check prior to ordering.
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    Oil pressure gauge fluctuation - Yes, another one

    I was hoping someone had already encountered this…..the Ford part number crosses to both the RockAuto Numbers. I’ll have to contact RA for clarification. Thanks for the reply.
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    Oil pressure gauge fluctuation - Yes, another one

    I am currently experiencing the same erratic oil pressure guage reading issues as noted by several members.(sender and not the pulley I am hoping) Plan is to change out the sender. Part is on hold from Ford. Rockauto appears to have two options: sw8368,sw5192 . can anyone confirm one or the...
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    Car Cover

    Highly recommend Covercraft for a light duty inside cover. Nicely form fitting and coverage right to the floor on the GT.
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    Camillo in action

    Check out YouTube …..Ford GT vs Corvette Z06: Drag Race
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    The Price of XPEL

    FWIW…..I priced it recently at the Scottsdale XPEL shop. $8k. I think $15k is way out of line..
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    QuickJack 5000-anybody use one?

    I initially planned on fabbing an additional vertical mounting point from the lower part of the lift frame to the adjacent short concrete gradebeam in the wall but decided it wasn’t warranted once I had the lift assembled/ positioned and mounted to the floor. So it is indeed freestanding. The...
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    The new old

    Benchmark design for sure…..Looks like your Goodwood trip ended up costing a lot more than planned😉
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    QuickJack 5000-anybody use one?

    I swapped out one of my 4 post lifts for a single post to gain more floor space. I use it daily and could not be happier with it. No special floor prep required for installation providing the floor is properly built initially. When I’m not using it raise it all the way up and walk under it like...
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    17 -1/2 Years

    Truly impressive Jeff…..congrats!
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    OEM Oil Pump Belts back in stock at Ford

    On a related note (re the oil pump belt) the main serpentine drive belt is still available from Ford ….just a reminder that it is likely time for many members to pick one up. Oh…..and Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦
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    Ford GT Rally XIV

    Ron….if you stay at Terry and Irene’s new digs , they will BOTH require a shrink…. ;-)
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    Entertaining video for you NGT owners

    Available on the YouTube VINwiki channel…. “ how did this landscaper buy the car that billionaires couldn’‘t?” Just shy of 15mins long.
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    Boss Pics

    Maybe we can start a ”who still owns their high school car” thread. This is mine…
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    Boss Pics

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    Cross-winds, idle stall

    Exact same thing happened to me twice right after I bought my car in ‘09….. very unnerving…..both times at a stop light with gusty crosswinds…..hasn’t happened since so I guess it’s cured!