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    Opportunity presents itself…

    Opportunity presents itself… #12 only brought $990k plus commission last time it sold. Fewer miles too.

    New headlights for 2005/6MY Ford GT

    We’ll that didn’t take long. I’ve got a list of buyers so I’ll call them SOLD. Thanks everyone.

    New headlights for 2005/6MY Ford GT

    I didn’t realize the supply situation was so dire. If anyone out there is in a bind for some I’ve got two brand new in unopened boxes I’d part with. I know, I know, the next question is “how much”? I bought them a long time ago and don’t remember the exact cost but I don’t think I’d be making...

    Potential sell/auction and value of Twin Turbo Ford GT 17k miles

    I think you’ll find BaT will have a strong opinion about how much you’re car will bring. They wouldn’t list mine unless I agreed to their reserve price which was less than I expected. I would go through the listing process with them and find out what their reserve price is to determine if you...

    Lego plans to release a modern Ford GT technic set

    I’ve always liked to collect GT related items but that thing is so ugly it is almost unrecognizable. Lego could have done much better than that.

    Are headlights hard to get?

    New headlights have been hard to get on and off over the years. How is availability right now and does anyone know a value on them?

    A Devastating Loss for America

    Thanks but I’ve already gotten the canvas made. I’m going to hang it in New Orleans condo next week.

    My 2006 twin turbo is live on Bring a Trailer.
  10. TEXAS GT

    A Devastating Loss for America

    This was very sad and a huge loss in a number of different ways. Your picture flying over New Orleans makes it a little more personal to me. Just under the tip of the propeller is a 12 story red brick building where we own a condo. If you don’t mind I’ll copy that picture and have a canvas wall...
  11. TEXAS GT

    2017 going out there

    Don’t be surprised if your reserve gets posted on the BAT listing. Some of those guys posting are watching this site too.
  12. TEXAS GT

    2017 going out there

    First real bid is from Richard Rawlings 😄. This should be fascinating to watch. Good luck!
  13. TEXAS GT

    2017 going out there

    I sold a Superformance GT40 on BAT a few months ago. I think it took about 6 weeks from my first contact with them til it was listed for sale. It was the easiest sale I’ve ever done though because the car stayed in my garage through the whole process, I didn’t have to ship it to an auction...
  14. TEXAS GT

    Getting allocation for new FGT

    The selection process was top secret and a total mystery. There were lots of other guys as loyal as you who were passed over too. Production is almost over and they’re all spoken for now. You just need to buy yourself a beautiful Superformance GT40 as a consolation prize.😄
  15. TEXAS GT

    P1049 at Sebring

    Sorry I should have updated this sooner. My Superformance closes on BaT tomorrow Saturday April 16 at 1:40 central time. It should be interesting.
  16. TEXAS GT

    P1049 at Sebring

    Obviously P1049 is my favorite. Mine will be on Bring A Trailer in a few weeks. Gotta make room for my next toy.
  17. TEXAS GT

    Ford GT metal art

    I caught a screw in one of those foam lined tires and no one would patch it. Had to buy a new tire. The good news is they make the same exact tire without the foam for $15 less and I can’t tell the diff in sound or handling. Skip the foam.
  18. TEXAS GT

    05/06 GT or 2017-21 GT

    Side by side at a car show my ‘21 model will draw more attention and win more trophies every time. It’s an amazing piece of engineering and design and I’ll probably never sell it. I still feel proud and honored to have been chosen to own one. But it’s a race car modified for the street. My ‘06...
  19. TEXAS GT

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    I never understood that. I’ve never had a scratch or damage of any kind done by a kid I let sit in any of my cars. And even if I did, so what? It’s a car, not the Mona Lisa! If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford a car in this price range you should be generous enough to share it with those...
  20. TEXAS GT

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Local charity car show with about 90 cars. Let over a dozen kids sit in the car for photos. Raised some money for Alzheimer’s research, won Best Exotic and hopefully encouraged some future car nuts. Even made the local newspaper. That’s what qualifies as a good day.👍