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  1. BlackICE

    Ford GT CP-1 on BAT

    You can drive it just not legally on the public roads. Legally on a racetrack after reflashing the ECU.
  2. BlackICE

    Ford GT's Getting Flagged by CARB!

    This is not legal advice since I'm not an attorney or licensed attorney in any state of the USA :) You avoid the late fees. After you complete your smog test a sticker will be sent to you. I used to be within 10 days, but I'm still waiting. Technically you can't let your tires touch the public...
  3. BlackICE

    Ford GT's Getting Flagged by CARB!

    Interesting BAD news! Most cars should be able to run and pass with a stock tune installed even with a pulley or Whipple. However when you go to a ref station your car is going to get a complete visual inspection for any non-CARB approved parts that may effect emissions. Eg. if the tech...
  4. BlackICE

    changing the battery

    To be safe I would get another 12v lead acid battery and fuse it with 10 amps and plug it into the accessory port. The fuse may be redundant as the accessory port has one as well. This will protect you from things lights coming on by design or accident. If I remember correctly the quiescent...
  5. BlackICE

    Ti accessories

    Very nice and especially with the hex key in the middle. I know that titanium is very light it's not as light as aluminum or plastic so it's going to throw the delicate balance of your fine carbon fiber Wheels out of kilter. :lol
  6. BlackICE

    Rocker Panel removal help

    Are you talkin about the aerodynamic side skirts below the doors? If so you have to loosen some of the bolts and remove the ones near the fender well and it bends down a little while you remove the fender liner. To remove the fender liner after you remove all the push pins and screws you kind of...
  7. BlackICE

    Ford GT back up camera install and photos

    Randy when I replaced my mirror I installed the dome light from Ford's part bin. Shadow man was the first to do this and I asked him for the part numbers forgot what they are. I believe I posted the installation and Shadowman did as well but I'm not sure if they're still on the Forum anymore...
  8. BlackICE

    Oil Pump Belt Alternatives

    Interesting observation that the Continental belt is stiffer then the Motorcraft. Stiffer maybe stronger but not necessarily better. As I suspect being stiffer it will generate more heat as being flexed around the pulleys. So I wonder if Continental can give an RPM range for their belt. A belt...
  9. BlackICE

    How many have been wrecked/totalled or exported.

    In summary many have been damaged, trust but verify.
  10. BlackICE

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Is the red GT triheart's? When was the first generation GT real deal or an SPF?
  11. BlackICE

    Air bag canisters replaced today

    I was concerned about the same thing, so before I bought the car into the dealership I took off lower panel.
  12. BlackICE

    Lowered seat base for tall people.

    Mr Moose. Jax close 2nd.
  13. BlackICE

    What can you do with a 69 Mach 1 and some 2nd gen Ford GT parts

    I love the looks of that Mach 1 and now it has more power and a better weight balance. Y1WjLis7Yyw
  14. BlackICE

    MAF value need

    The MAF value is should be pretty close the the theoretical one. Find the grams per liter if air at STP, scale by the expected boost and multiply by the engine's intake displacement at the RPM in question halving it because of a 4 stoke engine. One same caveat I don't recall if the numbers are...
  15. BlackICE

    Battery for 2006 gt

    If you don't need a Ford label on the battery an Optima labeled will be the same.
  16. BlackICE

    Cena car

    I love that idea should be implemented immediately.
  17. BlackICE

    Cena car

    reminds me of Lamborghini of Orange County.
  18. BlackICE

    NGT Insurance Interesting Math

    Why not? Don't you receive a all-expense-paid free vacation at Club Fed?
  19. BlackICE

    For all those wondering "will I fit"?

    Steve should open the door and check the gross vehicle weight I think you might have went over it :-) I remember bony mentioning that to me on the 05 s and 06. I've been over the weight limit on my 05 a few times with the passenger.
  20. BlackICE

    NFGT maintenance

    More than 05/06 but less than a Bugatti :-)