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  1. roketman

    Something wicked this way comes: MK IV build thread

    As cool as it gets
  2. roketman

    selling my GT

    Don’t think you will have any problems selling that car for that price
  3. roketman

    How long for backordered parts

    Best advice I got with my 06 GT was get parts while they were available and priced fairly from the dealer
  4. roketman

    Tire availability 2005/2006 GT

    I just ordered a new set of Bridgestone’s tires from Bill at Radial tire +1 (703) 554-4803 He stated he just got all fresh build codes
  5. roketman

    New headlights for 2005/6MY Ford GT

    That’s great info! Thank you for posting!!
  6. roketman

    My Gold GT40 MKIIb Hitting The Road. - Spring is here!!!

    Enjoy the ride! A sound clip would be nice
  7. roketman

    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Looks great! Bumper delete is a great look to a nice backside!
  8. roketman

    Bye bye side stripes

    They will finish the Xpel on Saturday Decided to go with the GTX1 on the doors I think it stares what it is My new plate is GTEEX1
  9. roketman

    New Coilover Option

    Play nice!! I applaud the effort Now if you get headlights out of Taiwan !!! I’m in!!
  10. roketman

    Bye bye side stripes

    The tires are massive. But I put on Pilot sport cup 2’s that have a smaller side wallThe previous tires had a larger side wall. But I just looked at a picture with the other wheels and the ride eight looks high with those as well, It has adjustable spring plates. So it will get lowered very...
  11. roketman

    Bye bye side stripes

    Ok I’m in a decal quandary With or with out GTX1
  12. roketman

    Bye bye side stripes

    No nothing!
  13. roketman

    Bye bye side stripes

    Here’s a thought. One side with , one side with out That’s how I made my decision! I have a 1:12 scale Motor max Gt model. Took one side off and looked at the model both ways for a few weeks. Well you know my decision
  14. roketman

    selling my GT

    Best deal out there in years
  15. roketman

    Happy GT Day

    How many miles now?
  16. roketman

    Bye bye side stripes

    Totally agree! And thank you! Getting filmed Saturday
  17. roketman


    I have a pair of brand new rear BBS optional wheels for sale. They are no longer available thru the dealer network. 3,300 each plus shipping
  18. roketman

    Bye bye side stripes

    New Forgeline wheels20’s and 19’s Huge weight savings 21lb per rim Forgelines vs 42 lbs for the red rims that came with the car