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  1. GTinTN

    New car sales will plummet and older cars resale value will skyrocket

    Sounds like a lot of "what if" fear mongering! I remember how upset people were when seat belts were mandated, motorcycle helmets, etc. Let's stay calm and see what actually comes out and then if it is really a problem, address it...
  2. GTinTN

    Ford GT on the Autobahn

    Wow! I'll bet a few of the people getting passed at high speed had a "what the hell" moment! :) While the driver seemed very capable, it's the unknown that can get you. Imagine the impact of a deer or large dog in the road at 200 mph!
  3. GTinTN

    Ford GT40/GT/NFGT trio

    So which is your favorite to drive?
  4. GTinTN

    Ford GT40/GT/NFGT trio

    Now that is a collection!!!! Congratulations!
  5. GTinTN

    Nike Air Jordan Ford GT

    Not my taste, but to each their own! Hope he/she received a royalty from Nike!
  6. GTinTN

    Sold my 2005 Ford GT

    Thanks to all for the insights and recommendations!
  7. GTinTN

    Sold my 2005 Ford GT

    I owned my GT for 3 1/2 years and loved that car! By far the BEST car I have ever owned! So why did I sell it? I wrestled with that decision for several months. My reasoning was I was too torn between keeping it as a lower mileage car vs a driver. That was mostly due to monetary reasons but...
  8. GTinTN

    SAAC Nationals

    Well hell yeah! That is one special car and should be the standout on any track!!
  9. GTinTN

    Entertaining video for you NGT owners

    Fun video to watch - lucky guy! Although judging by the cars he has owned, he is far more than your ordinary landscaper!
  10. GTinTN

    N082 Delivery Day!

    Beautiful car - congratulations!!!
  11. GTinTN

    Caffeine and Exotics

    Love it when Ford GTs are the "stars" of the exotics! :cool:
  12. GTinTN

    Snakes on the Farm

    Great pictures and it is always fun to see Cobra's and GT's!
  13. GTinTN

    The Voodoo Falcon

    Definitely not your father's Falcon - and in a good way!
  14. GTinTN

    Perfect day for the Mitty at Road Atlanta.

    Awesome pics! The day does look "picture perfect"!
  15. GTinTN

    My Tractor Story

    Old tractors are the original "Heavy Metal"! :cool:
  16. GTinTN

    Interesting article about the control arm recall

    Thanks for sharing! My GT was one of the early ones and now I know something new about it!
  17. GTinTN

    My Tractor Story

    PeteK, once I got the tractor home and started the restoration, I discovered there were 4 possible settings and widths for the wheel/tires and was able to drive the tractor on the trailer using the most narrow setting!
  18. GTinTN

    My Tractor Story

    Twobjshelbys, when our house was being build, I rented a bobcat to satisfy my ADD and move some dirt before final grading. I had no prior experience with a bobcat and almost did the same thing! I did not go as far back as you did but was envisioning a roll over! I slowed down and did more...
  19. GTinTN

    My Tractor Story

    Digman1, great - if you're here on a Saturday morning, come by Cars & Coffee, would enjoy meeting you!
  20. GTinTN

    My Tractor Story

    Yes, we had a John Deere "D" tractor that you started by spinning the flywheel. When I was younger, that was a daunting task, but grew easier as I grew larger and stronger. My father was always playing jokes and would invite his friends to try and start the tractor. As he moved away from the...