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  1. Sinovac

    Sebring Heritage Mk II

    That is a beautiful car. I wish I could justify a track only weapon on that level. Someone needs to come up with a roof scoop engine hatch for the street cars.
  2. Sinovac

    Speedometer Malfunction

    Thanks for making that choice. It matters.
  3. Sinovac

    Photos of the day we bought our Ford GT's.

    Yet it looks enormous compared to a GT40.
  4. Sinovac

    Road trip to Rockwood

    Serviceability, drivability, and safety are major benefits of a Super C.
  5. Sinovac

    Road trip to Rockwood

    I have the same Renegade Verona. I’ve modified it quite a bit. PDI tuner does wonders for the L9.
  6. Sinovac

    Roar Before I’m really looking forward to seeing the GT3s in action.
  7. Sinovac

    Goodwood Revival or Festival of Speed?

    I haven’t been yet, but when I asked the same question, I was told the Revival hands-down.
  8. Sinovac

    The New Mustang GTD

    (im)Patiently waiting for more info.
  9. Sinovac

    The New Mustang GTD

    Yeah, otherwise what would be the purpose of the number?
  10. Sinovac

    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    It also looks like those rubber seals need attention. Goldeagle 303.
  11. Sinovac

    Fun GT Ride last Sunday with my Granson, Duke & the Guys!

    Great pictures. Raj’s car is one of my favorites. Please tell him 850hp would be a nice, round figure for the GTD.
  12. Sinovac

    Goldberg's 1970 "Lawman" Boss 429 mustang
  13. Sinovac

    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Mk I road cars are beautiful. Mk. III's not as much. P/1069
  14. Sinovac

    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Hi-Performance Cars magazine with Marty’s original GT40 Mk III article: I’m trying to find my copy so I can include the rest of the article. That’s Marty in the second picture tooling around NYC. Show that to any knucklehead who tells you that they...
  15. Sinovac

    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Marty, You are the real deal. For those who don’t know him… I love your story about test driving the GT40 MkIII when they were new. I’ll try to find a link to the article you wrote.
  16. Sinovac

    Hurricane Idalia comin'

    No major problems. Thank you. The worst of it was at a vacation river property in north Florida. Power lines down everywhere, but miraculously, no damage to our property. You can find humor in anything, and this was no exception. I brought a chainsaw, knowing that I would be fighting my way to...
  17. Sinovac

    Hurricane Idalia comin'

    Yeah, that is a pet peeve of mine. That and then planting trees under the power lines. I’ve been involved with developments where the permitting authority required that oak trees be planted practically under the power lines. When I raise the issue about power line interference I get blank stares.
  18. Sinovac

    Hurricane Idalia comin'

    I just finished my hurricane prep on some properties. I passed this on my way home… Looks good to go.
  19. Sinovac

    Ford GT40/GT/NFGT trio

    Right hand drive and a sill shifter. Good man. That’s a nice car Clint. I want to see a video of you getting in it.
  20. Sinovac

    GTD National Rally #1

    I don’t think he is quite finished yet.