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  1. MarkH

    The New Mustang GTD

    Simon: Looks great, talking about marrying up!!!!! Great job....
  2. MarkH

    2005-06 GT Take-off Parts For Purchase

    Also, i can just arrange shipping, just let me know address. I also sent you a message via DM. Thanks Mark H.
  3. MarkH

    2005-06 GT Take-off Parts For Purchase

    Correct, 77493 is shop address...
  4. MarkH

    2005-06 GT Take-off Parts For Purchase

    Great, send me details and we can get it figured out.
  5. MarkH

    2005-06 GT Take-off Parts For Purchase

    Sent message on the transaxle. Thanks Mark H.
  6. MarkH

    2024 - Ford 24 Hours of Le Mans Hospitality

    Wife and I are interested, missed it last time but do not want to miss again.... Please keep us posted...
  7. MarkH

    Wireless carplay or android auto

    I purchased Kips Double din molds and we produce them on a small scale for folks that are interested in Carbon fiber. Mark H. M2K Motorsports, LLC
  8. MarkH

    Wtb 4.0 whipple

    Call Kevin at M2K Motorsports, I think he has one sitting on the shelf. 832-818-7842 Thanks, Mark H.
  9. MarkH

    The New Mustang GTD

    I am still not letting my poker chip go nor am I letting my allocation for the GTD.... Thanks again Dave, was a blast....
  10. MarkH

    Short Throw Shifters

    Call Kevin at M2K Motorsports, LLC 832-818-7842. I believe he has one new one left in stock he has been holding on to. Thanks Mark H.
  11. MarkH

    The New Mustang GTD

    Cant thank everyone enough for allowing Vickie and myself to attend. Thanks a ton DBK!!!!!
  12. MarkH

    Question on forum "subscriptions"

    There is a lot of time and effort that goes into running a site and expenditures. Dave shouldnt have to bear all that cost and i would think that all the valuable information one can get off this site warrants a membership. Its some of the best bang for your buck you will get. Thanks Mark
  13. MarkH

    New Guy here.... Car cover and or Car Capsule

    Is this the car from Houston Texas area?
  14. MarkH

    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    If the only option is Penskes, i would pass... Ahlman's are the best option but Scott is busy and supplies are hard to come by so I understand him not doing more at this time. It just seems the perches are still the best option to lower the car at this point.
  15. MarkH

    Help needed - what is a 2005 transaxle worth?

    if broken, a couple grand or so. Unfortunately, parts are not readily available so most folks are making good transmissions out of several broken ones...
  16. MarkH

    Really? IMO a Horrible Appraisal

    That blue is so nice. If and when I get another GT, it will be that blue. So anyone in the future going to sell, let me know. Thanks, Mark H.
  17. MarkH

    Wanted: Higher Mileage GT

    Arent we all looking for the same thing... Just gonna have to bite the bullet and pay asking price.
  18. MarkH

    The Final Countdown

    Not much else can be said. The entire experience was something none of us will forget and can't say enough thanks to the folks at Multimatic and Dave for all the help and guidance they provided. Just glad to say I had a chance to be a part of soemthing special. Thanks everyone!!!!
  19. MarkH

    Ford GT goes 310mph

    Thanks Dave. Couldn’t have said it better myself.
  20. MarkH

    Watch - The Ford GT MkIV

    Judge is signing for $40M for 9 years totaling $360M.... That was today... Unbelievable..