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  1. GTdrummer

    2006 Battery Replacement

    West Coast Batteries . Look up my response a few weeks back.
  2. GTdrummer

    Battery, gauges and the manual

    From West Coast batteries
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    ClearPlex on windshield

    They have come a long way. I now have them on about 5 cars. The first couple of days I feel like I'm getting a migraine then its fine.
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    Latest battery recommendations

    Optima has had a mixed history. Initially, they were the greatest thing going but then were sold and by all accounts became junk. Many, including well known GT resellers began using Odyssey known for use in tanks. I had them in 3 different GTs and never lost a gauge but it could be coincidence...
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    Latest battery recommendations

    $323 which may be high but it has already shipped.
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    Latest battery recommendations

    I bought mine directly from the company and John says it will ship today with 30 in stock. There is a proviso. When they changed it the cranking number is marginally lower at 770 with first 5 seconds at 1200–overkill. He admitted bias but said you could not put a better battery in our cars. Hope...
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    Latest battery recommendations

    Here is is from the company itself .
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    Latest battery recommendations

    I may be missing something but Odyssey seems to be making an ODP-AGM25 they say is compatibale with the 25--PC 1400 T
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    Latest battery recommendations

    So if I’m reading this correctly, odyssey is out of the game. I had great luck with them in 3 GTs.
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    Latest battery recommendations

    I have searched the forums, but I want to make sure I’m current on battery recommendations for the 05-06. I gather not many manufacturers are still making series 25. At one time , I believe the the battery of choice was Odyessey. Lately , I gather folks were going to Optima which I thought had...
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    Ford Airbag emblems

    Actually you can find them on eBay as it turns out. I’ll let you know how it looks. Thanks
  12. GTdrummer

    Ford Airbag emblems

    I have a good friend with an 05 he’s had many years. The Ford emblem on his airbag has deteriorated. I was wondering if anyone knows where I might find a replacement. Thanks
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    Liquid Victory

    Congratulations. Well done and deserved.
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    FGT price finally coming down

    This has been 3 minutes of my life I’ll never recover.
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    New 2021 Mercedes GT Black Series

    A not too far away neighbor, Justin Verlander has had a couple. Stunning cars .
  16. GTdrummer

    The End

    So lucky to have been honored to have been one of the chosen ones. Got it , drove it as asked out and about it for several thousand miles . Thanks to DBK , Pat Millikan et al. What a blast!
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    Mecum predictably boring except Heritage

    Fortunately I looked a Mecum before the Dallas show and 90% of it looked like a dealer used car auction. Only real interest was a low mile Heritage at $704,000 .
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    A tribute to American muscle

    Correct. Bob Lutz in 09.
  19. GTdrummer

    A tribute to American muscle

    In honor of the upcoming holiday, I dusted off 3 American rides, the likes of which we may sadly never see again. Happy holiday.
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    Congratulations Steve Coates

    Pretty amazing. Congrats.