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  1. dr914

    Porsche sues Singer

    Porsche likes to drive a wedge between great passionate supporters of their company. Happened with us
  2. dr914

    Porsche sues Singer a couple of years ago made and exact replica of my one and only Peter Greg / Brumos Porsche 916 that I have owned for almost 35 years without asking me (LOL)
  3. dr914

    Porsche sues Singer

    Porsche should buy Singer so that they have a new outlet for modifications and redesign of the older cars. It is obviously a very popular thing to do. However Porsche has to protect their trade dress, copyright, and trademarks. Several years ago they got after us and several other Porsche...
  4. dr914

    Don't be this guy

    the cars do lose the rear end easily fresh tires or not! Every time I drive mine I am super cautious, but drive my Porsche with abandon!!!!
  5. dr914

    Bye bye side stripes

    well, I LOVE mine with the side stripes, so I left them on!!
  6. dr914

    2006 Battery Replacement

    I was able to remove the sticker and put it on my new optima, no one can tell that it is not the original as provided by Ford
  7. dr914

    Ford GT seat cover

    I have the original poly cotton that came with the car, very ugly for sure and not extremely tight fitting, so I took them off and stored them
  8. dr914

    Car Cover

    Covercraft made the original factory provided one, so they would be the place to go for a replacement
  9. dr914

    Searching for

    I have my phone in a rubberized case and it fits perfectly there and does not move
  10. dr914

    Paint Bubbles on Hood

    I have a very original car (most of us do!!!) a july build 2006, but when I look sideways at the top of the hood in florescent light, I can see sand scratches in one area in the middle as if it had been repainted
  11. dr914

    This 06 FGT is making me drool

    funny, I have been looking at my 2006 for so many years now my drooling has dried, but my admiration of the marque is as strong as ever
  12. dr914

    Factory hood and hatch shocks

    very good information thank you
  13. dr914

    Factory hood and hatch shocks

    yes, I have read about the factory struts, and have suffered the hood and hatch hitting me in the head for awhile! (LOL). However I am a stickler for original factory parts. I have not even installed these new pieces yet as I do not drive the car that much any more, so may not even install them!
  14. dr914

    Factory hood and hatch shocks

    I did order from my local dealer but it was a hassle, had to provide a copy of the title and go through a vetting process
  15. dr914

    Factory hood and hatch shocks

    Finally got a set of factory Ford front and rear hood shocks, took quite a long time but am happy to have the factory parts for my 2006
  16. dr914

    Battery, gauges and the manual

    always remove the neg first, I do not think that a ford gt has much memory so a stick in the cigar lighter is not necessary
  17. dr914

    Oceans and Autos Georgia Aquarium

    had no idea it was going on!
  18. dr914

    New headlights for 2005/6MY Ford GT

    It's a Ford! Who would have thought that parts would not be available? Crazy. If it was a 2006 Porsche GT2 everything would still be available! I bought a new front splitter years ago just in case, thankfully have not had to use it.
  19. dr914

    New headlights for 2005/6MY Ford GT

    the tooling is the critical thing, if that can be found the lights can be made reasonably. Ford can contract with them to rerun 500 sets and put into their inventory