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  1. Roadtrip

    PM Ford Last Delivery

    Kevin, you were the highlight of my delivery process almost two years ago, thank you for everything. Its fantastic that your group was able to historically deliver the last one, well deserved. (any pics?)
  2. Roadtrip

    Door sills

    Wow, I had no idea those were fabric. Agreed, terrible design idea, you will be much happier with Carbon with PPF, 7k sucks but when looking at the overall cost of this car it's like buying half of a racing stripe...
  3. Roadtrip


    Great Spec and great color combo!!!! Congrats!
  4. Roadtrip

    Trading 05 GT for new Porsche 911 GT3RS Good idea ?

    Nope... No way. I love love love Porsche, but to me the 05-06 GT is one of the top 20 cars ever produced.
  5. Roadtrip

    The wait is over…m119

    Congrats Daytrayd!!! The paintwork and carbon mix on this car is so stunning in person! :)
  6. Roadtrip

    Good news for 2022 owners ?

    *Mic dropped*
  7. Roadtrip

    Good news for 2022 owners ?

    I agree with this statement. But to be fair, I am not familiar with NTSB protocol DOT requirements... Neither of these agencies make it easy to manufacture a production street vehicle. With all the crazy rules, it's a miracle we're not all driving around a big styrofoam cooler that doesn't...
  8. Roadtrip

    Liquid Carbon delivery!

    Congrats!!! The craftsmanship by Multimatic never ceases to amaze me.
  9. Roadtrip

    Good news for 2022 owners ?

    I'd be shocked if the NTSB would allow a car without any rear view mirror visibility on a public road... I could be wrong and I love the look, but I doubt it.
  10. Roadtrip

    ‘21 Frozen White Arrival!!

    Gorgeous!!! Congratulations on a stunning spec. They are so insanely fun, I hope you enjoy thousands of smiles in it. (y)
  11. Roadtrip

    Recent increase in value?

    LOL I remember those rumors too... Personally when I was searching for Z8's (2012) they were in the low $100k-125k range, I picked mine up for $120k... I only saw one near $75k... but it had 60k miles and an accident on the Car Fax, I regret not jumping on it. The lowest I personally saw a...
  12. Roadtrip

    Finally after 16 years I am an owner

    Congrats Garrett! Great story, these cars bring the big kid out in all of us! It's like a big HotWheels sitting in the garage and after 15 years I still feel the same about it as the first day. You and your wife are lucky and I'd be real jealous if it weren't for my 15 year head start ;-)
  13. Roadtrip

    You will be invited.

    Where is the Live Stream? I've been staring at my computer for two hours 🍿 🍿 🍿 :cool:
  14. Roadtrip

    You will be invited.

    Not this time, but it was my second choice. I'll post pics when she arrives :)
  15. Roadtrip

    You will be invited.

    Congrats Gary, wish I could make it but I have to work. Our cars are definitely on the same truck, mine is being dropped off on Sat at the dealer in Detroit, then PPF... I wont see mine until early July. I am guessing our vins are very close. Can't wait to see pics :-)
  16. Roadtrip

    Good news for 2022 owners ?

    Interesting and cool... If I were to guess its an aftermarket upgrade path offered by Multimatic... According to the article "We’ve reached out to Ford for comment, and they claim that this GT is “not Ford Motor Company property.” Which likely means it belongs to Multimatic, which builds the...
  17. Roadtrip

    Mark II

    not to out do JR66, but WOW, WOW!!!
  18. Roadtrip

    Differences between is Mk I, II, III & IV ?

    True, but I would love to see a modern interpretation of the MKIV by the same design team, I had incorrectly guessed the NFGT would be based on the MKIV when the rumors were just rumors. I love the final result but, I had always been curious to know if the Ford team had even considered using...
  19. Roadtrip

    Front Hood is Catching

    When I go to open the front hood the front of the hood seems to be catching slightly on the panel in front of it, it hasn't caused any paint damage but I suppose it could if I weren't careful. Has anyone experienced this? The hood has never been removed or adjusted, just new hood shocks that...
  20. Roadtrip

    Introducing M019, 2021 Carbon Series NFGT

    Thanks for the kind words, we had a blast making it and I was so excited to receive the official yes on the second round. I actually just placed my order on Friday and they received my deposit today... So I guess the waiting begins. :)