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  1. Joe Dozzo

    Bridgestones - 1/2 Price

    What a deal / steal!
  2. Joe Dozzo

    God speed to my dog Bandit - the worlds fastest dog

    Deepest sympathies. Wonderful write up, brought tears to me eyes.
  3. Joe Dozzo

    Billet rear clam vents. Centers and sides.

    Me too... I had a set for my first car at those prices!
  4. Joe Dozzo

    Billet rear clam vents. Centers and sides.

    PM sent for payment details.
  5. Joe Dozzo

    Billet rear clam vents. Centers and sides.

    Can these be cleaned (or stripped) and re-colored blue? If so, I'll take them!
  6. Joe Dozzo

    Ford GT on the Autobahn

    I don't do much on social media or youtube - I would prefer not to encourage this kind of BS with a "like" or a "view"... 200 mph at night on a public road, legal or not... Guy is lucky to be alive... And yes, I am an old fart...
  7. Joe Dozzo

    2006 Ford GT - Mark IV Red, 4 options, 555 miles For Sale 475k obo

    Sorry to hear this John. We couldn't connect on a exhaust deal but you impressed me as a straight shooter. Best of luck with the sale AND a GTD allocation!
  8. Joe Dozzo

    Severe wheel hop issue

    Depends how hard I launch... Dumping the clutch at ~2500 rpm definitely spins the tires.
  9. Joe Dozzo

    Severe wheel hop issue

    RESOLVED! Much to my great surprise, I was able to completely eliminate my wheel hop issue with some pretty simple shock adjustments - took some trial and error but no new parts. Still have the 500lb springs (vs recommended 350's) but I can live with those. Many thanks for all those who...
  10. Joe Dozzo

    Severe wheel hop issue

    2112, I am ALMOST there....
  11. Joe Dozzo

    And jackets already sold out in all sizes...
  12. Joe Dozzo

    Severe wheel hop issue

    2112 - Thanks! Yes, the headers are FPA. Bellhousing is steel. I bought the engine from a builder / drag racer in CA but I am doing the EFI tuning. With the Independent front suspension kit I have, shock towers are completely removed. Steel plates replace them. We added some braces (you...
  13. Joe Dozzo

    Severe wheel hop issue

    The suspension pictures were all taken during assembly so some of the jam nuts aren't tight and in one the coil unit look askew. Those were all addressed in final assembly before hitting the road. Engine and Drivetrain Details: •Kasse Boss 429 Heads and Single Plane Intake •Ford MotorSport 460...
  14. Joe Dozzo

    Severe wheel hop issue

    Thanks, got it now... Not sure how to do it without MAJOR surgery, but I at least understand the comment!
  15. Joe Dozzo

    Severe wheel hop issue

    Sorry to be a dunce, GT@50, but a "40" what?
  16. Joe Dozzo

    Severe wheel hop issue

    Thanks all! Some good thoughts - I knew I could count on you! They may be difficult to see in the pictures (or maybe I took them early in the build), but there are diff struts, both sides. Both ends have Delrin bushings and I'll be changing those to spherical rod ends. OR maybe I've...
  17. Joe Dozzo

    Severe wheel hop issue

    I know this is the GT Forum but I also know there is a vast wealth of knowledge here and I'm hoping to tap into that... I am close to completing a year plus long project, a 69 Mustang with a Boss 429 (actually 544 CID), port fuel injection, wide ratio Tremec 6-Speed, sub-frame connectors and...
  18. Joe Dozzo

    Ford GT40/GT/NFGT trio

    Congratulations, a beautiful collection of GT's!
  19. Joe Dozzo


    Look great! How long did it take? I may need the same service over the winter. Could you PM me their contact info, please? Thanks
  20. Joe Dozzo

    GTD National Rally #1

    Do we know anything about how many will be produced? Would buy one in a heartbeat IF mere mortals ever get the opportunity!