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    Factory hood and hatch shocks

    To try to best elongate the life of a gas strut - even an unused one, store them vertically with the rod side down. Gas struts will leak when the seal between the cartridge and the rod dries out and so the best way to mitigate that is to store them rod-side down where the oil is against this...
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    WTB Hot buttons seat inserts

    A tremendous product and the fitment is PERFECT. I know I've told this story before but I remember 15 years ago when AlohaGT asked me to get these for his car. I asked him if he was out of his mind.... have you seen the price?? Anyway, he insisted and when they came I was stunned. Damn it...
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    2006 Heritage orange wheels for sale

    Well, that didn't take long! LOL!
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    2006 Ford GT - Mark IV Red, 4 options, 555 miles For Sale 475k obo

    I hope someone here snatches this up. It's truly one of the rare cases where a PPI is simply not needed. Owner is VERY meticulous and VERY honest about the car and its impeccable condition
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    Factory hood and hatch shocks

    As has been the case for the last 24 months or so, we have front and rear replacement gas struts available. The date codes are July 2023. They can be ordered by following this link.
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    Speedometer and Tach rebuild

    It may not be a check engine light? The check engine light is a yellow light with an engine icon. The "Check Gauges" light is red and has been confused with the check engine light frequently. Do you have a yellow check engine light? In answer to you question, a gauge problem will not trigger...
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    Speedometer and Tach rebuild

    Well, yes you can. A low battery voltage will inhibit the initial handshake of the gauge control module and each gauge. One or more gauges may fail to initiate at start-up and those gauge (if any) will be inoperative throughout that entire drive cycle. They only try to do the the handshake at...
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    Transmission Oil

    Better get that stuff out of there.... Some master....
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    Speedometer and Tach rebuild

    A "sticky" gauge needle is the first sign of a failing tach/speedo. Highly unlikely that it is either the battery or the sending unit based on this description.
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    Trickle charger for a 05 GT

    Any charger that has the cigarette lighter adapter will work. We sell the Battery Tender kit with the cigarette lighter adapter on our website.
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    Axle Shaft Bolts

    Take one of those OEM washers and put it on a very flat surface with the bolt head side up. It will be "cupped" and it will rock back and forth on a flat surface....
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    Rear Diffuser

    Just to make sure you are aware of all alternatives.... The OEM grill comes as one piece - the black aluminum sheetmetal with the "fins" riveted to it. Stillen sells replacement fins that are made from a stiff but pliable rubber. In contrast to the OEM fins which will shatter touching...
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    Pulley / Tuner kits in stock $ 999

    Fully agree. And remember that when the car was introduced, Ford Racing (now Ford Performance) offered a pulley/tune kit and sold it for several years. Torrie's tune is honestly just a better version of what Ford was offering.
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    WTB NFGT Rear carbon fiber wheel.

    Be careful. With carbon, there's a VERY fine line between a cosmetic repair and a structural repair. While many shops may be able to make a wheel APPEAR to be perfect again, there's risk of structural failure. Remember the submarine....
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    stock clutch versus aftermarket...

    Thanks for clarifying , Rich. It must have been this "race option" that we installed many years ago - and didn't like. Good to hear that the street version has been a good go-to product. Now, if it can only be sourced again.
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    stock clutch versus aftermarket...

    We've installed 25 or so clutches in GT's over the years... including the Stillen. As I said previously, Stillen is the ONLY one I would not recommend. OEM is the best, IMO as long as RWHP <800.
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    stock clutch versus aftermarket...

    Nice! Price?
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    stock clutch versus aftermarket...

    Do they have an application for the GT? (Not listed on their website.)
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    stock clutch versus aftermarket...

    They're still listed on their website... SPEC Clutches for GT