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  1. Shark01

    Sold my 2005 GT

    What are your limits in terms of miles, mods, colors, and stories (salvage ok, 1 moderate accident, etc)?
  2. Shark01

    This 06 FGT is making me drool

    Stripes FTW....
  3. Shark01

    WTB Windshield washer reservoir

    I would be curious to know what all you are correcting and who did the rebuild. Salvage cars are kind of a mystery wrapped in an enigma.
  4. Shark01

    Fuel Filler Fix - solution found and engineered

    I bet Captain O ring is fun at parties…..
  5. Shark01

    Pulley / Tuner kits in stock $ 999

    Best performance to value ratio of any mod out there. Really surprising how much the car is opened up. You do have to pay attention to mashing the fun pedal more than stock. Would recommend a suspension upgrade as well at some point (I have Motons).
  6. Shark01

    Short Throw Shifters

    And makes me feel a little better that I bought a heavily modified car so already have a lot of the now unobtainable stuff I like.
  7. Shark01

    eBay crashed GT sale

    That is not what was said. A non wrecked car can still have minor stories. It is up to the buyer to decide what his budget can buy and can he mitigate any stories a car might have. And yes they are out there for less than you would pay Ernie.
  8. Shark01

    West Houston FGT Owners, I Need a Small Favor

    Won’t hurt to compare the little painted bracket to the SC (the engine braces have been replaced by the fancy aircraft looking ones) but not sure if I would get the confirmation I’m looking for. But ultimately, ANYTHING would look better than black.
  9. Shark01

    West Houston FGT Owners, I Need a Small Favor

    They came up in my conversation with BBS and they use the same paint code that gets mentioned the most.
  10. Shark01

    West Houston FGT Owners, I Need a Small Favor

    As many know, I want to re-paint my wheels back to silver and no one has ever been sure what the paint code was. After numerous discussions with people, including BBS, I bought a bottle of the consensus opinion and painted a small bracket with it. Can anyone spare the time for me to come over...
  11. Shark01

    FGT rescued

    Question for you, would you be able to find out what the paint code ProFormance used to paint these? I want to repaint my black wheels, reached out to Larry (who responded immediately but did not know) and ProFormance who didn’t respond. I’m not in a position to ship the wheels off. If you...
  12. Shark01

    05-06 GT Parts for sale

    Good call….more should have them
  13. Shark01

    New headlights for 2005/6MY Ford GT

    I’m also in the “don’t drive it at night camp”, and indeed I have only driven it once that way in 3.5 years. But since I’m in an inspection area, I do have to have working headlights. So I would appreciate some availability even at $12,000 per pair.
  14. Shark01

    eBay crashed GT sale

    Seems unlikely since we now know about what was paid for it. But insurance companies do make mistakes in judgment. Last year, a teen T-boned my daily driver. It was worth about $12k at the time. The insurance company wanted to fix it which the Ford dealer thought was crazy. They spent...
  15. Shark01

    Looking for a High Mileage GT!

    Sell? No, but a short term rental is possible….her shots are up to date
  16. Shark01

    Looking for a High Mileage GT!

    True, when I bought mine, I was open to a lot of things because I was on a pretty strict budget. I considered a 90k mile car in Canada that had hail damage (fixed), a couple of cars with massive modifications, cars with minor bumps, a car in Hawaii…..The only cars I drew the line on were cars...
  17. Shark01

    eBay crashed GT sale

    Assuming this is the car from the original post, shocking that the ask is $336k on that… could buy a non wrecked one for that or less.
  18. Shark01

    Looking for a High Mileage GT!

    What other conditions would you accept and what are you thinking budget wise? I ask because everyone knows what sub 1,000 mile cars sell for, but there is a HUGE spread in values for high mile cars because there are more variables.
  19. Shark01

    Clamshell bumpers

    This is what You did too, there is a comprehensive thread on it if you search……I paid like $2 for the fix (3 years and counting).
  20. Shark01

    Looking for a low mileage GT

    On my CTEK, when my battery is OK, the first 3 lights show up within a minute, then over the next day or two I get 3 more yellow lights then a green light or two……my setting is just the car icon in that case