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  1. JWZ

    stock clutch versus aftermarket...

    FF have you noticed the 2 stock clutches that Torrie has for sale?
  2. JWZ

    The New Mustang GTD

    Sooooo that’s where my coin wound up…..all I know was there was a great meal followed by lotsa laughter aaaaaand big big bills flying all around us. MI type diversion! Oh well- story of my life! Lol! Next!!!
  3. JWZ

    J105 West Texas Delivery

    Anniversary 5! Aaaand counting! Just as humbled today as I was then! Preciate all of you who were/are part of the ride from race to road! God bless y’all!
  4. JWZ

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Local C&C on Saturday. GT photobombed the Bunny! Lol! Lotsa seat time for lotta kids! And a few older kids too! Borrowed sign ‘God’s not Dead’ from a 17 year old making his 1st show! Oh, & yes Indeed He Lives!
  5. JWZ

    Liquid Victory

    Awesome, Dave!
  6. JWZ

    GTLM delivery! Thursday Jan 26th in SoCal!

    Stunning spec! Enjoy your beautiful ride!
  7. JWZ

    Sebring Heritage Mk II

    Wow and Congratulations! You really wear Speed Yellow well! Happy for ya!
  8. JWZ

    took delivery of 2022 HOLMAN MOODY Heritage Edition GT on Jan 6, 2023

    Congratulation! Enjoy her!
  9. JWZ

    13 Best American Cars

    Wifey has enjoyed both her ‘12 & ‘16 CTS-Vs! Cool list from across the Pond!
  10. JWZ

    The Final Countdown

    ^^^what Chip said!! Preciate ya Dave!!
  11. JWZ

    GTLM delivery! Thursday Jan 26th in SoCal!

    Congratulations Sir! Looking forward to pictures!
  12. JWZ

    Potential sell/auction and value of Twin Turbo Ford GT 17k miles

    This all stock 05 with 16,000 miles sold recently on BAT for $310k
  13. JWZ

    Watch - The Ford GT MkIV

    GO LIKE HELL! And BEYOND! just in time for Christmas too!
  14. JWZ

    Watch - The Ford GT MkIV

    Yay! Manana is here!
  15. JWZ

    Watch - The Ford GT MkIV

    Tik Tok! LOL! On it
  16. JWZ

    Rich Brooks' stripe delete black GT for sale on BaT

    Rich: Thanks for the great explanation & pix detail On BAT! This really helps! Planning some service work and I was unsure how to set the 2 post lift arms on inground lift. Guess I should’ve paid a lil closer attention when you were here awhile back! I probably woulda forgot by now anyhow! Haha...
  17. JWZ

    Any luck on new Raptor orders?

    Sent you a DM
  18. JWZ

    What happened to NFGT with the scoop?

    Thread 'Saw this 2021 at the track today' Think this is one of the mules. But a cool mule!
  19. JWZ

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Just another beautiful 78* November day in West Texas! Thank You, Lord!