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    Fun GT Ride last Sunday with my Granson, Duke & the Guys!

    Now that is what they are made for!
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    2020 FGT Heritage

    Ditto Dr. Frank. Bystanders at car shows look at me as if I am nuts, but that's what it takes.
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    Recommended storage procedure 2022 Ford GT

    Winter? We don't need no stinkin' Winter! Make sure you take mouse countermeasures.
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    GTD National Rally #1

    Can't wait to see Chip's with black stripes. What a collection that is going to be!
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    Severe wheel hop issue

    This thread demonstrates what is so great about this forum. Kudos to contributors! Good luck Joe.
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    Ford GT40/GT/NFGT trio

    Fantastic! Call it the "Goldilocks" Collection.
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    FGT rescued

    I assume, among other things, that the guy is a professional grade detailer. Some pretty interesting techniques. Considering the shape and abuse of the car, I think it turned out fantastic, at least as far as you can tell from a video versus seeing in in the flesh. Has anyone ever heard of or...
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    'Ford Alley' In The Garage!

    Fantastic! However, I think there is a speck of dust near one of the lift arms.
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    Titanium exhaust install.

    Good job! I'm sure you will be happy with the results. A lot easier after they made it standard!
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    Latest battery recommendations

    Optima Advanced Auto Around $ 250 Make sure to check date of manufacture First one they gave me was manufactured 7 months prior. Got them to get another one, with current month For (semi) purists, peel off Ford label and apply. Voila! ( Wonder if they would pick up this approach at Pebble Beach? )
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    The ultimate display case.

    Photos make a good complement to the service manual. Has to be the most complete gallery of engine photos out there.
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    The Final Countdown

    Steve, Don't know how many other deliveries you made in the snow, but it sure was a "cool" occasion. Lifetime automotive highlight! Thank you for your tutoring, and answering the phone when I forgot stuff. I use the car whenever I can. Always the hit of car shows. Best of luck with your new...
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    GT3 Mustang Sebring Test

    When will dealers have them? Chip Beck desperately needs one in yellow.
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    Is it possible to import a euro spec 2nd gen Ford GT into the US?

    Customs "no help". Imagine that! I'm sure you'll be able to get it done, but also sure that many obstacles will be put in your way. Good luck.
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    GT Garage Expansion!

    Congratulations Rich! Facility looks great, and well deserved. I feel honored to have the ability to work with you as the only man to touch my GTs. Best of luck to you and the family.
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    Sebring Heritage Mk II

    All I can say is "WOW!" What a unique trio. The night photo is priceless. Couldn't happen to a better family. Congratulations, and enjoy to the fullest extent possible. Life is too short, and the world is too crazy. We need photos and VIDEOS from the track.
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    Red shift knob

    Maybe Dr. Frank makes them?
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    Whys every other bolt missing under my rocker panel......?

    I imagine that our friends at Ford parts charge a ridiculous amount for fasteners. FWIW, I replaced all screws under car with equivalent in stainless. has pretty much anything you could want, at reasonable prices, quick shipping and good customer service. ( Non-stainless too. )...
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    Pantera turns 50

    Looks like a really great time. A lot like Rally X. All those Panteras on the road must have been quite a sight! My son took our Pantera to the Ford 100. Wish we could have had it there for this event. Love the picture of the Pantera parked next to the new GT. To me, the Pantera looks like a...