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    GT Garage Expansion!

    Great facility.
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    Sebring Heritage Mk II

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    took delivery of 2022 HOLMAN MOODY Heritage Edition GT on Jan 6, 2023

    Beautiful color. You are very fortunate
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    Race Ramps

    Race ramp HN20-5 51.5 inch
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    Which GT to buy?

    Buy the car color that you like. Be sure the car has not been in an accident and get a pre-purchase inspection.
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    N082 on Throttle House!

    Love it
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    A Devastating Loss for America

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    Using lift

    Use flat stoppers to protect your tires and they provide a stop to any rolling. I also use the end plates on the lift.
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    Goodwood revival

    Wow! What a time you had.
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    My New 2022 Liquid Carbon Edition

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    Ford CEO Jim Farley podium finish at LeMans Classic n original gt40

    He was one of several GTs and Cobras racing. Great to see his success.
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    GT Price Curve Now Vs Two Years Ago

    Enjoy your car. Do not focus on price. Who cares if you are not selling!!!!
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    Something I always wanted —a 63 SW

    Great cars and fun to drive. I have silver blue with blue interior. Fuel injected cars need 110 leaded fuel to run best. I get it at the local race track. Enjoy
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    Ford GT Heritage Edition 2022

    Great color
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    It's Finally Here

    Welcome to the family of GT lovers
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    Concours in the Hills - Feb. 12, 2022

    It was a beautiful day with amazing cars. Two 427 Cobras, on 289, an AC mark IV, Ferrari 250 GTO, Gullwing Mercedes etc.
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    2022 AMGT40-1 Unveiled at Chicago Auto Show

    Great car livery
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    Prevent flat spots in tires?

    I use flat stoppers on all my cars when in storage. They work but require some effort to get the cars on them. Not to difficult once you learn how to do it.
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    22 Heritage Arrival