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  1. ChipBeck

    The Price of XPEL

    15K is way out of line. 8-10K tops. Look for another shop. We have some of the best in the business here in Scottsdale who will wrap an '06 GT for 8K. Chip
  2. ChipBeck

    Latest battery recommendations

    Gentlemen, I ordered a new genuine Ford GT Optima battery from Sanderson Ford just 6 months ago. Ford GT logo on the top. Why not go with the original since it's available right now. Pretty cool I thought. Chip
  3. ChipBeck

    Liquid Victory

    Gentlemen, Dave calls this the Liquid Victory Edition but I don't. Before the first new GT's were produced DBK was pitching for a 100% bare carbon GT even if it had several visible flaws. "Just clear it and deliver it to me!" And please just make ONE! Multimatic wasn't having it for a few...
  4. ChipBeck

    2017+ Ford GT allocations and configurations

    Gentlemen, That was a nice write up. They referred to my GT’s as Triple Yellow and they are all painted in 2006 GT Speed Yellow. My 2017 GT and the Mk II are both the only examples painted Speed Yellow. There are 30-34 new GT’s painted Triple Yellow. Cheers. Chip
  5. ChipBeck

    GT Garage Expansion!

    Atta boy Rich!!!! Outstanding. Chip
  6. ChipBeck

    Chip, Biff, and a Husky

    What came up Tony? There was no attachment. But my aerobatic planes were equipped with special inverted oil, fuel, and prop controller systems that would maintain oil pressure 95% of the time even when the plane was upside down for an extended period. Straight vertical up oil pressure would...
  7. ChipBeck

    GTLM delivery! Thursday Jan 26th in SoCal!

    That’s beautiful! Chip
  8. ChipBeck

    Chip, Biff, and a Husky

    Dakota, Yes, an air cooled, 360 c.i., fuel injected, 200 HP, flat opposed 4 cylinder Lycoming. The constant speed propeller is bolted directly to the front of the crankshaft so it spins at the same RPM as the engine. Engine speed is limited to 2700 RPM to keep the propeller tips from going...
  9. ChipBeck

    Chip, Biff, and a Husky

    Gentlemen, A fine morning flying with Tomcat and nice to finally meet him face to face after all these years. The new Husky is 4 months old now and I’ve put 39 hours on it so far. It is painted Speed Yellow and Vivid Black to match the GT’s. It will take off & land in 300 feet and top speed...
  10. ChipBeck

    Sebring Heritage Mk II

    Gentlemen, The 1967 12 hours of Sebring winning GT Mk IV. 55 years ago the driving suits and the cars were advertisement free which looks odd today. This was the only major race win by a yellow Ford GT. Bruce Mclaren is only 29 years old here. 3 years later he would die in a crash at Goodwood...
  11. ChipBeck

    Sebring Heritage Mk II

  12. ChipBeck

    Sebring Heritage Mk II

    Gentlemen, Multimatic has now completed the limited run of 45 Mk II GT's. In addition to standard colors and ECP they cooked up a dozen or so Heritage options based on notable 1960's liveries viewable on the private Mk II website, but there was one that could not be seen by anyone but me. The...
  13. ChipBeck

    "2023" 17th Annual Barrett Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner

    Final List - 26 Gentlemen, Our room is almost full, we have 4 seats left for any last minute additions. There are 5 GT's coming that I'm aware of. David Kimmerle (Sanderson Ford Dealer Principal) and his wife Jill will be with us. David has been a stalwart supporter of the GT program and...
  14. ChipBeck

    "2023" 17th Annual Barrett Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner

    Event Details Gentlemen, Here's everything you need to know to have a fabulous time on Thursday night. As mentioned in the post above there is more than one Capitol Grille but there is only one in Scottsdale. The Capitol Grille 16489 N. Scottsdale Road (South East corner of Scottsdale Road...
  15. ChipBeck

    "2023" 17th Annual Barrett Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner

    Now 26 Gentlemen, The Western U.S.'s best new Ford GT Tech Brian Naylor and his wife will be joining us. We have room for 30 so if you're coming please post up and let me know. See you a week from today. Chip _________________________________ 1. Chip Beck - 2 - with GT 2. Charley Beck - 2...
  16. ChipBeck

    The Final Countdown

    Gentlemen, I don't like it when cool things I've enjoyed come to an end. Like my 4 years in college, the 4 years of the GT IMSA and WEC teams were a blast. Trips to Multimatic, the races, the rallies and the whole new GT program really were "something utterly insane". The sound and feel of...
  17. ChipBeck

    "2023" 17th Annual Barrett Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner

    23 and counting! Gentlemen, Once again it looks like we'll have a great turnout for BJ Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner 17. Please let any GT friends who will be at Barrett Jackson Scottsdale this year know about this gathering as they may not be checking in here to see this thread. Cheers...
  18. ChipBeck

    "2023" 17th Annual Barrett Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner

    Gentlemen, A favor to ask. Many members don’t check the GT Forum as often these days so if you know any members that will be attending BJ Scottsdale this year please mention this gathering. Thank you! Chip
  19. ChipBeck

    "2023" 17th Annual Barrett Jackson Scottsdale GT Forum Dinner

    Gentlemen, The more things change, the more I stay the same!! It was a blast the last 16 times and I'm certain it will be even better this time. If you're going to this year's Scottsdale auction you don't want to miss this annual "Gathering of the Faithful". As always this will be on Thursday...
  20. ChipBeck

    Watch - The Ford GT MkIV

    Gentlemen, I got an email earlier today (not from DBK) with the news that will be released tomorrow. I'll say nothing more until it's posted here. Chip