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    Awesome video featuring Ford GT in new Forza 6 title.

    This is extremely high quality: Hope you enjoy it!
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    First place you'll get to drive the new GT....
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    New Ford GT to be the next Forza Motorsport cover car?(Rumor)

    I don't make that many posts on this forum but I thought this might fit: This might be the first place to drive(virtually) the new Ford GT and get a good idea of its performance.
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    Matech GT1 comes to Race 07

    Hey guys! A new expansion pack for Race 07 called the GT Power Pack has released and with it comes the Matech GT1 Ford GT. :)
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    Boss 302 Surprises Everyone Porsche 997 GT3 1:39.52 130 '06 415 / 1395 Motortrend Porsche 997 Turbo 1:39.89 130 '06 480 / 1585 Porsche 997 Turbo S 1:40.11 130 '10 530 / 1585 road&track Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI 1:40.20 129 '09 525 / 1620 road&track Nissan GT-R 1:40.45...
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    Forza Motorsport 4 World Premiere Lots of Ford GT Footage (Clickable Thumnails)
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    Ford GT In Gran Turismo 5

    I have to say Polyphony did a wonderful job on the Ford GT in GT5, the performance and graphics are spot on. Stock it will do 211 mph on the Le Mans straight(without chicanes of course.) and handles wonderfully. Sadly the car cannot by turbocharged, you can only upgrade the supercharger. Here...
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    Nissan GT-R Breaks 200 MPH at Texas Mile Pretty sweet sounding car!
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    United States Win Medal Count First Time Since 1932 Set Record

    Click Here To Read The Rest
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    King of the Hill: Ford F-350 Numbers Revealed! Chevy had recently released their numbers for their new 3500 a few weeks ago and boasted about destroying Ford...
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    Top Toys Ford GT vs Slot Cars

    I think this is from James May new show Top Toys. Here is another episode about the British version of GI Joe.
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    Ford GT in Forza Motorsport 3

    I will be posting videos and pictures of Ford GTs in the new game Forza Motorsport 3 on Xbox 360 in this thread. I hope you enjoy them. Pair of Matechs:(I did not make) Videos:
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    2100 HP Ford GT Owner Interview (Going For 300 MPH) Sorry if this is a repost but the first i've seen of it. Very impressive i'm wondering if the car would be able to really pull off 300 mph. I'm also wondering what the car will do with these larger turbos its some exciting stuff. Also 3/4 of a...
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    Turn10 Studios Running Ford GT On Dyno For Forza Motorsport 3

    Sadly pictures only. They are recording engine sounds and performance for the upcoming game Forza Motorsport 3 which will launch on October 27th.
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    Forza Motorsport 3 Gameplay Trailer, Ford GT Related!

    Very Highly recommend downloading the High Definition version! Sweet Ford GT Racing, Drifting and Rolling and Crashing! Source Link: Direct Page Link To Streaming Video: Another Video featuring some good Ford...
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    Ford GT Takes Another Victory At Monza; They Win By The Rules

    Bradley Ellis and Alex Mortimer won both FIA GT3 European Championship races at Monza - but only with some help from the stewards. The No.21 Matech GT Racing Ford GT pair were third across the line when the chequered flag flew after the second one-hour race - but then the two cars ahead of them...
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    Car & Driver - Zero to 200 and Back

    It’s been said there’s addiction in everyone, an adage that certainly applies to the denizens of 2002 Hogback. Our chosen agents? Horsepower and speed, of course. And we just went on a bender that plunged us straight to rock bottom by running five modified sports cars—three of which made more...
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    Saleen put the E in Extreme with the 2008 S302E

    • 620Hp 'factory-backed' sports car rewrites the performance landscape • Production starts in mid-December! Saleen Automotive, North America's premiere specialty vehicle manufacturer, today unveiled the latest in a very aggressive 2008 MY product line up. The new 'Extreme' unveiled today...
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    KITT meet GT500KR